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 Name Position Institutional Affiliation Research Interests Websites
Rachel Yuen-CollingridgePostdoctoral ResearcherMacquarie University

Papyrology, lexicology, cognitive history, history of Greek philosophy, Renaissance and later reception of the ancient world, history of early Christianity, ancient magic

Cristiana ZaccagninoAssistant ProfessorQueen's University

Magna Graecia, Greek archaoelogy, classical tradition

Shana ZaiaUniversitätsassistentin (Assistant Professor)University of Vienna

Assyriology, Ancient Near East, Neo-Assyrian Period, State Religion, Ancient Iraq, Polytheism, Mesopotamia, Empire, Official Ideology, Religious History, Ancient Urbanism, Modern Reception of Ancient History

Sonia ZakrzewskiAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Southampton

bioarchaeology, human remains, medicine, health, disease, disability, migration, race, Egypt, Iberia, Anglo-Saxon, skeletons, death, biological anthropology, race, human diversity and variability, and the study of the human body to understand aspects of migration and mobility, diet, identity, religious practice and social organisation in past populations.

https://www.southampton.ac.uk/archaeology/about/staff/srz.page; http://soton.academia.edu/SoniaZakrzewski
Erika Zimmermann DamerAssociate ProfessorClassics Department, University of Richmond

sexuality and gender; social history of the late Roman Republic and early Empire; Graffiti

Angela ZiskowskiAssociate ProfessorCoe College

Greek archaeology; Archaic Greece, polis formation, history of Corinth, pottery and iconography, identity and ethnicity

 Name Position Institutional Affiliation Research Interests Websites

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