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Name Cynthia Bannon
Position Professor
Institutional Affiliation Indiana University
Latitude 39.167047
Longitude -86.526937
Research Interests

Roman History, Roman Law, Roman economy, Environmental History

Department Affiliation sh85114931 ,sh85040853
Pleiades IDs 1052
Websites http://classics.indiana.edu/faculty/bannon.shtml; http://indiana.academia.edu/CynthiaBannon

"Publication Highlights
Gardens and Neighbors. Private Water Rights in Roman Italy. University of Michigan Press, 2009.

The Brothers of Romulus: Fraternal Pietas in Roman Law, Literature, and Society. Princeton University Press, 1997.

Selected Articles
“Ancient Roman Water Rights and Commons Theory.” The Politics of Fresh Water: The Politics of Access and Identity, edited by Catherine Ashcraft and Tamar Meyer. London/Boston: Routledge, 2016.

“Rivers, Rights, and Romanization."" Ancient Law, Ancient Society, edited by D. P. Kehoe and T. A. J. McGinn. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2016

“G. Sergius Orata and the Rhetoric of Fishponds.” CQ 64.1 (2014) 166-82.

“Pipes and Property in the Sale of Real Estate (D.” In New Frontiers: Law and Society in the Roman World, edited by P. du Plessis, 207-25. Edinburgh University Press, 2013."
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