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Name Patricia Ahearne-Kroll
Position Associate Professor
Institutional Affiliation University of Minnesota
Latitude 44.9425340
Longitude -93.0988190
Research Interests

Second Temple Judaism, Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemaic religion, Diaspora Judaism, and Second Temple Jewish literature

Websites https://apps.cla.umn.edu/directory/profiles/pahearne; http://umn.academia.edu/PatriciaAhearneKroll

“Joseph and Aseneth.” Pages 2525-2589 in Outside the Bible: Ancient Jewish Writings Related to Scripture. The University of Nebraska Press, 2013. (Translation of and annotated commentary on the Greek text of “Joseph and Aseneth.”)
“Constructing Jewish Identity in Ptolemaic Egypt: The Case of Artapanus.” Pages 434-456 in The “Other” in Second Temple Judaism: Essays in Honor of John J. Collins. Eerdmans, 2011.
“The Portrayal of Aseneth in Joseph and Aseneth: Women’s Religious Experience in Antiquity and the Limitations of Ancient Narratives.” Pages 41-58 in Women and Gender in Ancient Religions: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Mohr Siebeck, 2010.
“LXX/OG Zechariah 1-6 and the Portrayal of Joshua Centuries After the Restoration of the Temple.” Pages 179-192 in Septuagint Research: Issues and Challenges in the Study of the Greek Jewish Scriptures. Society of Biblical Literature, 2006."
from https://apps.cla.umn.edu/directory/profiles/pahearne on 6-29-17.

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