How do I update my information?

Feel free to email WOAH staff at or you may submit another entry on the CONTRIBUTE page, indicating if you would like to replace or add to existing information.

How is the “Research Interest Cluster” determined?

The short answer is, by network analysis of each each scholar’s “Research Interest” field, supplemented by words from WorldCat’s “Associated Subjects” listings for her. The current map uses Gephi’s execution of the Louvain algorithm. WOAH is continuing to develop this process: further reading on the METHODOLOGY page.

May I change my “Research Interest Cluster”?

As part of WOAH’s mission to promote women scholars, we wish to present information about you, which you endorse. Keep in mind that the categories have been generated by the available data and will change along with the database. We welcome your input:

I just submitted an entry, When will she show up in the site?

New sumbissions will likely appear in the EXPLORE data table within two weeks. We hope to update the map monthly.

What are the “Less than 55% Fit in any 1 Cluster” and “Newest Additions” categories?

First, the “Newest Additions” cluster shows entries that have have been submitted since the last network analysis was run. These entries may be updated weekly.

Second, the “Less than 55% Fit…” cluster is part of an effort to account for variability in the clustering algorithm used. In 49 iterations, the terms for an entry might cluster a scholar in the ‘Roman’ group 25 times and the ‘Greek’ group 24 times. Future versions may show the percentage of association of each scholar with each cluster.

If you would like to see the terms for each cluster in more detail, inspect the following pdfs:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup of less than 55% associations