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LOC Identifier Name
n80125819 Accius, Lucius
n80009786 Achilles Tatius
nr2006008684 Acusilaus, of Argos
n92072374 Adamant
no2006096690 Adrian I, Pope, -795
n84233791 Adrian V, Pope, -1276
no91013589 Adrianus, of Tyre, approximately 113-approximately 193
n50057283 Aelian, active 3rd century
nr2006001025 Aelianus, Tacticus, active 2nd century. Tactica
nr95038408 Aelius Tubero, Q. (Quintus), approximately 76 B.C.-
no00097603 Aemilianus, Quintus
no2013102477 Aemilius Paullus, L. (Lucius), 228 B.C.-160 B.C.
n88206516 Aeneas, Tacticus, active 4th century B.C.
n82032653 Aeschines
n88038943 Aeschines, Socraticus, active 4th century B.C.
n79055702 Aeschylus
n81066350 Aesop
n80107954 Aëtius, active 1st century-2nd century
n00024409 Afranius, Lucius
n00065329 Africanus, Sextus Caecilius, active 2nd century
n84081378 Africanus, Sextus Julius
n80138659 Agatharchides
no00081971 Agathemerus
n50043676 Agathias, -582
nb2007021647 Agatho, Pope, -681
n82219708 Agathocles
nr95021137 Albinovanus Pedo
n91064768 Albinus
n81024909 Alcaeus
no2015134965 Alcaeus, active 388 B.C.
n87855622 Alcidamas, active 4th century B.C.
no2010199211 Alcinous, active 2nd century
n87116412 Alcmaeon, of Croton, approximately 500 B.C.-
n85148658 Alcman
n50042175 Alcuin, 735-804
n85143076 Alexander
n00036747 Alexander, Aetolus
n80024530 Alexander, of Aphrodisias
n85811814 Alexander, of Tralles, approximately 525-approximately 605
nr90028764 Alexander, Polyhistor, approximately 105 B.C.-approximately 35 B.C.
n95068110 Alexis
nr95037490 Alfenus Varus, P. (Publius), active 39 B.C.
nr95021123 Alfius Avitus
no2001002435 Alpheus
n2015017560 Alypius
no96033746 Amarcius, active 11th century
n80065875 Ammianus Marcellinus
n84114347 Ammonius Saccas, of Alexandria
n84001513 Ammonius, Hermiae
n81084530 Ampelius, Lucius
no2008072394 Amphis, active 4th century B.C.
n82082915 Anacharsis
n83015407 Anacreon
n83015406 Anacreontea
no2009159117 Ananios, of Kleitor, active 4th century B.C.
n50051902 Anaxagoras
no2016042151 Anaxandrides
n85142191 Anaximander
n84134246 Anaximenes, of Lampsacus
n94027413 Anaximenes, of Miletus
n88141974 Andocides, approximately 440 B.C.-approximately 390 B.C.
n2012050025 Andromachus, the Elder
n85017635 Andronicus
n80049661 Andronicus, Livius
n85216260 Andronicus, of Rhodes
n93005025 Androtiōn, active 4th century B.C.
no2006136229 Anianus, Celedensis, active 415-419
nr95020711 Annianus
nr95022475 Annius Luscus, T., active 156 B.C.-133 B.C.
n96010375 Anthemios, ho Trallianos, active 6th century
nb2010016567 Anthemius, Emperor of Rome, approximately 420-472
nr89010431 Antigonus, of Carystus, active 240 B.C.
n2015065002 Antigonus, of Nicaea
n87829370 Antimachus, of Colophon
no96048216 Antiochus (Of Ascalon), -68 B.C.
n2001040824 Antipater, of Sidon, active approximately 100 B.C.
no00091664 Antiphanes
n86119012 Antisthenes, approximately 445 B.C.-approximately 360 B.C.
n79148931 Antoninus Pius, Emperor of Rome, 86-161
no91011562 Antoninus, Liberalis, active 2nd century
no93021477 Antonius Diogenes
nr95022474 Antonius, M. (Marcus), 143 B.C.-87 B.C.
sj96004804 Antony, Mark, 83 B.C.?-30 B.C.
n80144991 Anyte, of Tegea
n85086176 Aphthonius, active 4th century-5th century
n2012013784 Apion I, active 472-525
nr99000135 Apion, approximately 25 B.C.-approximately 45 A.D.
n50052496 Apollinaris, Bishop of Laodicea, -approximately 390
n50052496 Apollinaris, Bishop of Laodicea, -approximately 390
n84179566 Apollodorus
n88100391 Apollodorus, of Artemita
n84107769 Apollodorus, of Athens
no99006328 Apollodorus, of Carystus
n94076135 Apollodorus, of Damascus, active 1st century-2nd century
no95032676 Apollodorus, Pergamenus, 104 B.C.-22 B.C.
n82054983 Apollonius, Dyscolus, active 2nd century
n84003189 Apollonius, of Perga
n79004116 Apollonius, of Tyana
n80008541 Apollonius, Rhodius
no00011450 Apollonius, the Apologist, Saint, -approximately 185
no2013110801 Apollophanes
n79126943 Apostle, Hippocrates George
n81028285 Appianus, of Alexandria
nr95031032 Aprissius
n96111610 Apsines, of Gadara, active 3rd century
n80126286 Apuleius
n80126286 Apuleius
n88669281 Apuleius, Barbarus
nr95037292 Aquilius Gallus, C. (Caius), active 1st century B.C.
n86135997 Aratus
n2007055663 Aratus, of Sicyon, 271 B.C.-213 B.C.
n82138923 Aratus, Solensis
nr95022099 Arbonius Silo
no2015134804 Arcesilaus (Poet of Old Comedy)
n84081488 Archestratus, of Gela
n84234520 Archias, Aulus Licinius, 120 B.C.-
no2004107002 Archigenēs, approximately 54-approximately 117
n80008559 Archilochus
n80104666 Archimedes
no96021781 Archytas, of Tarentum
n85229153 Aretaeus, of Cappadocia
n2016040070 Argentarius, Marcus
n77011076 Arion, active 628 B.C.-625 B.C.
nr2004011989 Arion, of Lesbos
nr90020062 Aristaenetus
no2015134715 Aristagoras (Poet of Old Comedy)
n82068128 Aristarchus, of Samos
no89012545 Aristarchus, of Samothrace, approximately 217 B.C.-145 B.C.
no2014015694 Aristeas
no2011150346 Aristeas, of Proconnesus
no89012950 Aristides
n82148820 Aristides Quintilianus
no91014418 Aristides, active 2nd century
n99009843 Aristides, of Miletus
n89239531 Aristippus, 435 B.C.?-356 B.C.?
no2008021818 Aristo Pellaeus, active 2nd century
nr95015174 Aristobulus, active 2nd century B.C.
nr94007080 Aristocles, active 6th century B.C.
n00104145 Aristocles, of Messene
n85355817 Aristomenes
no2015135343 Aristonymus, active 5th century B.C.
n79072756 Aristophanes
n88104439 Aristophanes, of Byzantium, 257 B.C.-180 B.C.
n79004182 Aristotle
n83048707 Aristoxenus
n81029499 Arkadios I, Archbishop of Cyprus
n79023201 Arrian
nr95028971 Arruntius, L. (Lucius), active 43 B.C.-17 B.C.
n81064980 Artemidorus, Daldianus
no2011095871 Arusianus Messius, active 4th century
n85309202 Ascension of Isaiah
n85800836 Asclepiades, of Bithynia, approximately 130 B.C.-approximately 40 B.C.
n93040321 Asclepiodotus
n00123190 Asclepius, of Tralles
n82231398 Asconius Pedianus, Quintus, 9 B.C.-76 A.D.
nr95028757 Asellio, Sempronius, active 150 B.C.-91 B.C.
n98088007 Aspasius
nr00015647 Astrampsychus
nr95027407 Ateius Praetextatus, L. (Lucius), active 86 B.C.-29 B.C.
no2004034890 Athenaeus, active 2nd century B.C.?
n80051703 Athenaeus, of Naucratis
n85229141 Athenodorus
nr95031014 Atilius
nr90002083 Atilius Fortunatianus, active 4th century
nr90002083 Atilius Fortunatianus, active 4th century
n85297967 Atta, Titus Quinctius, -77 B.C.
n87867590 Attalus II, King of Pergamum, 220 B.C.-130 B.C.
n83179208 Atticus
nr95028966 Aufidius Bassus, active 1st century
nr95027531 Aufustius, active 1st century B.C.
nr95021467 Augurinus, Sentius
n80126290 Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430
n79033006 Augustus, Emperor of Rome, 63 B.C.-14 A.D.
nr93015014 Aurelian, Emperor of Rome, approximately 215-275
n85800480 Aurelianus, Caelius
no2015135156 Autocrates, active 5th century B.C.
no2008144540 Autolycus, active 2nd century
n84056206 Avidius Cassius, Gaius, approximately 120-175
n2003101187 Avillius Flaccus, Governor of Egypt, -38 or 39
n84133329 Babrius
n2015017555 Bacchius, senior
n50058180 Bacchylides
n2013073600 Balbilla, Julia
nr95039359 Balbus, active 81-106
n86002525 Balbus, Lucius Cornelius
no99031936 Basilius, Timotheus Cæsarinus
n90613240 Bassus, Junius
no2017086311 Bassus, Saleius, active 1st century
n85215581 Battle of the frogs and mice
n82131988 Berosus, the Chaldean
nr2001033373 Bianor
nr95022097 Bibaculus, M. Furius (Marcus Furius), 103 B.C.-
n79023150 Bible. New Testament
n96028939 Bible. Old Testament. Greek. Aquila
n79108895 Bion, of Phlossa near Smyrna
n79029805 Boethius, -524
n86071071 Britannicus, 41-55
n2012015843 Brutus
nr95033453 Brutus, M. Junius (Marcus Junius), active 146 B.C.-136 B.C.
nr95033453 Brutus, M. Junius (Marcus Junius), active 146 B.C.-136 B.C.
n80056883 Brutus, Marcus Junius, 85 B.C.?-42 B.C.
n79060254 Cabasilas, Nicolaus, active 14th century
nr95031173 Caecilius Statius
n85310228 Caecina, A. (Aulus)
n87909693 Caelius Rufus, Marcus
nr95037302 Caelius Sabinus, Cn. Arulenus, active 1st century
nr95037302 Caelius Sabinus, Cn. Arulenus, active 1st century
nr95022622 Caepio, Q. Servilius (Quintus Servilius), active 100 B.C.-90 B.C.
nr95027440 Caesar Strabo, C. Julius, approximately 130 B.C.-87 B.C.
nr95027440 Caesar Strabo, C. Julius, approximately 130 B.C.-87 B.C.
n79021400 Caesar, Julius
nr95037511 Caesar, L. Julius (Lucius Julius), active 90 B.C.-43 B.C.
nr95039361 Caesellius Vindex, Lucius, active 2nd century
nr90002081 Caesius Bassus, active 1st century
nr90002081 Caesius Bassus, active 1st century
nr95022625 Calidius, M. (Marcus), active 64 B.C.-49 B.C.
n50032169 Caligula, Emperor of Rome, 12-41
n50032169 Caligula, Emperor of Rome, 12-41
no2015134773 Callias (Poet of Old Comedy)
n97084151 Callicratidas
n80040584 Callimachus
no91013588 Callinicus, active 3rd century
n81013545 Callinus, of Ephesus
no2015134902 Callistratus (Poet of Old Comedy)
no94012325 Callistratus, active 2nd century-3rd century
n2007086286 Callistratus, of Aphidna, active 377 B.C.-361 B.C.
n94004812 Calpurnius Flaccus
n91060779 Calpurnius Siculus, Titus
nr95015547 Calvus, C. Licinius Macer
n80089831 Camillus, Marcus Furius, -365 B.C.
nr95045992 Candidus, active 350-355
nr95027553 Cannutius, P., 106 B.C.-
no2015134911 Cantharus, active 5th century B.C.
nr95015552 Caper, Flavius
nr95039375 Capito, C. Ateius, -22
n82207265 Caracalla, Emperor of Rome, 188-217
nr95024121 Carbo Arvina, C. Papirius, -82 B.C.
nr95024520 Carbo, C. Papirius, approximately 164 B.C.-119 B.C.
no99053960 Carbo, L. Papirius
nr92038616 Carneiscus, active 3rd century B.C.-2nd century B.C.
no2010155664 Casca, P. Servilius (Publius Servilius), -approximately 42 B.C.
nr95033452 Cascellius, A., active 1st century B.C.
n88145774 Cassianus Bassus, Scholasticus
n79084710 Cassius Dio Cocceianus
no2002062176 Cassius Felix, active 447
no2002062176 Cassius Felix, active 447
nr95031179 Cassius Hemina, active 2nd century B.C.
nr95031179 Cassius Hemina, active 2nd century B.C.
no2006077553 Cassius Iatrosophista, active 2nd century
n78046436 Cassius Longinus, Gaius
nr2007003009 Cassius Longinus, Gaius, active 54 B.C.-42 B.C.
nr2007003009 Cassius Longinus, Gaius, active 54 B.C.-42 B.C.
nr95024504 Cassius Longinus, L. (Lucius), active 54 B.C.-41 B.C.
nr93005894 Cassius, Caius, Parmensis
no2008110131 Castorio, Jean-Noël
no2012024347 Catalogus codicum astrologorum Latinorum
no2004041586 Cato Brutus
nr95024509 Cato, M. Porcius, -118 B.C.
n50047791 Cato, Marcus Porcius, 234 B.C.-149 B.C.
n82155077 Cato, Marcus Porcius, 95 B.C.-46 B.C.
n79006943 Catullus, Gaius Valerius
n81033260 Cebes, Of Thebes
n50060680 Celsus (Platonic philosopher), active 180
n50034315 Celsus, Aulus Cornelius
n50034315 Celsus, Aulus Cornelius
n80001434 Celsus, Publius Juventius
no2015135326 Cephisodorus, active 5th century B.C.
n86091597 Cercidas
nr94041939 Certamen Homeri et Hesiodi
n2002043182 Chaeremon, active 4th century B.C.
n84175705 Chaeremon, of Alexandria
n86090349 Chamaeleon, of Heraclea Pontica
n85240506 Charax, of Pergamum, active 2nd century
n2005034569 Chares, of Lindos, active 3rd century B.C.
n79125271 Charisius, Aurelius Arcadius
n85128170 Charisius, Flavius Sosipater
n85128170 Charisius, Flavius Sosipater
no98120988 Charito
nr94026731 Charito, Saint, Abbot, -approximately 350
n87885410 Charondas, active 6th century B.C.
no2015134862 Chionides, active 5th century B.C.
n80137694 Choerilus, of Samos
no2007075248 Choeroboscus, Georgius
n2009022982 Choricius, of Gaza, active 6th century
nr94013919 Chrysippus, approximately 280 B.C.-207 B.C. or 206 B.C.
n79032166 Cicero, Marcus Tullius
n81090754 Cicero, Quintus Tullius
nr95027541 Cincius Alimentus, L. (Lucius), active 210 B.C.
nr95027538 Cincius, L. (Lucius)
nr95021134 Cinna, C. Helvius
nr96043578 Claudianus Mamertus, -approximately 474
nr95020971 Claudius Caecus, App. (Appius)
nr95020971 Claudius Caecus, App. (Appius)
n86860095 Claudius Pompeianus, Tiberius
n84111927 Claudius Quadrigarius, Quintus
n50041157 Claudius, Emperor of Rome, 10 B.C.-54 A.D.
n50041157 Claudius, Emperor of Rome, 10 B.C.-54 A.D.
nr93016745 Cleanthes, 331 B.C.-232 B.C.
n2011039033 Clearchus, of Soli
no97061760 Cleitarchus
n50066849 Clement, of Alexandria, Saint, approximately 150-approximately 215
n80067225 Cleomedes
n87873232 Cleon, -422 B.C.
nr97015947 Cleonides, active 2nd century
n80067160 Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, -30 B.C.
nr95028963 Clodius Licinus, C., active 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D.
nr95027765 Clodius, Ser. (Serius), -approximately 60 B.C.
n85194972 Codex (Corpus juris civilis)
n50039501 Codex Theodosianus
n80129272 Coelius Antipater, Lucius
n80129272 Coelius Antipater, Lucius
n85310974 Colluthus, of Lycopolis
n89618464 Colotes, of Lampsacus
n80056875 Columella, Lucius Junius Moderatus
nr2002039898 Conon, active 36 B.C.-17 A.D.
n2003071697 Corallus, S. Abydenus
nb2007025461 Corbulo, Gnaeus Domitius, -67
n89106638 Corinna
nr95039337 Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi
nr95021132 Cornificius Gallus
nr95027772 Cornificius Longus, active 44 B.C.
nr95027772 Cornificius Longus, active 44 B.C.
nr95020972 Cornificius, Q. (Quintus), -approximately 42 B.C.
no90012163 Cornutus, Lucius Annaeus, active 1st century
n82090196 Corpus Hermeticum
no98124860 Corpus philosophorum Medii Aevi. Commentaria in Aristotelem Byzantina
nr95024524 Cotta, C. Aurelius, approximately 124 B.C.-63 B.C.
n2006011202 Cotta, G. Aurelius, active 252 B.C.-248 B.C.
nr95024523 Crassus, L. Licinius (Lucius Licinius), 140 B.C.-91 B.C.
n2004041551 Craterus, of Macedon, 321 B.C.-approximately 255 B.C.
no2015135337 Crates (Poet of Middle or New Comedy), active 4th century B.C.
n96104516 Crates, approximately 360 B.C.-approximately 280 B.C.
no2003005703 Crates, Mallotes, active 2nd century B.C.
n87874644 Cratinus, -approximately 420 B.C.
no2015107363 Cratinus, the younger, active approximately 350 B.C.
no92023597 Cratippus, of Athens, active 4th century
nr95029295 Cremutius Cordus, A. (Aulus), -25
n88055358 Crinagoras, approximately 70 B.C.-
n00087919 Critias, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 403 B.C.
n86104928 Crito
n82006134 Ctesias
nr95024516 Curio, C. Scribonius, active 121 B.C.
nr95024518 Curio, C. Scribonius, approximately 125 B.C.-53 B.C.
n50034703 Curtius Rufus, Quintus
nr96043773 Cyprianus Gallus, active 5th century
n83228458 Cyril, of Scythopolis, approximately 524-approximately 558
n50078539 Cyril, Saint, Apostle of the Slavs, approximately 827-869
n80139106 Cyril, Saint, Bishop of Jerusalem, approximately 315-386
n82148014 Cyril, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, approximately 370-444
nr97025467 Cyrillus, de Quidenon, active 13th century
nr98012500 Cyrus
n86870862 Damaskios, approximately 480-approximately 550
n50055903 Damian, Saint, -approximately 303
nr2006014535 Demades, approximately 380 B.C.-319 B.C.
no2009069352 Demetrian, Saint, Bishop of Antioch, -approximately 260
no2002064617 Demetrios, Chomatenos, active 1216-1236
n2003031235 Demetrius
no2015135177 Demetrius (Poet of Old Comedy), active 5th century B.C.
nr91012570 Demetrius I, Poliorcetes, King of Macedonia, 336 B.C.-283 B.C.
no2014074178 Demetrius Ixion, active 2nd century B.C.
n88091065 Demetrius Pepagomenus, active 1260
no2003000701 Demetrius, 207 B.C.-180 B.C.
nr97008615 Demetrius, Junior
n96084067 Demetrius, Lacon, active 2nd century B.C.
n2016028529 Demetrius, of Alexandria, 189-231
n81008008 Demetrius, of Phaleron, approximately 350 B.C.-
nr95023765 Demetrius, of Pharos, -214 B.C.
n85284289 Demetrius, Saint, active 4th century
n86082464 Demetrius, the Cynic
n96059487 Demetrius. On style
n85229181 Demochares, approximately 360 B.C.-275 B.C.
nb2006017170 Democritus
n85057416 Democritus Pseudomantis
n79041650 Democritus, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.
no2004102216 Demodocus
n85144190 Demophilus
n79063465 Demosthenes
no2014119489 Demosthenes, Philip
n79113975 Denis, Saint, Archbishop of Paris, active 3rd century
nr99007444 Dentatus, Marcus Curius
n90614269 Dexippus (The Platonist)
nr2006009268 Dexippus, Publius Herennius
nb2010014805 Diadumenian, Emperor of Rome, 208-218
n84169475 Diagoras (Of Melos)
no98129188 Dicaearchus, Messenius, active 4th century B.C.
nb2010014749 Didius Julianus, Emperor of Rome, 137-193
n83031882 Didymos, ho Areios
n85196283 Didymus, Chalcenterus
no2009028682 Didymus, of Alexandria, active 4th century-5th century
n50078862 Didymus, the Blind, approximately 313-approximately 398
n82082452 Digesta
n85122338 Dinarchus
n96105887 D̲inias, D̲inos
n2001039882 Dinon, of Colophon
n79059104 Dio, Chrysostom
no2007049624 Diocles
no2011029835 Diocles (Grammarian)
no2007050914 Diocles (Mathematician)
no2015135354 Diocles (Poet of Old and Middle Comedy), active 5th century B.C.-4th century B.C.
n84804676 Diocles, of Carystus
n80149285 Diodore, of Tarsus, Bishop of Tarsus, -approximately 392
n81021205 Diodorus Cronus, active 4th century B.C.
n2009002295 Diodorus, Dimitrus
n50028820 Diodorus, Siculus
n2005027739 Diogenes
n80067474 Diogenes Laertius
n50060366 Diogenes, -approximately 323 B.C.
n83225743 Diogenes, of Apollonia, active 5th century B.C.
n50082073 Diogenes, of Oenoanda
no2004042212 Diogenianus, of Heraclea, active 2nd century
nr97000126 Diomedes (Grammarian), active 4th century
no93008668 Dionysius Exiguus, -approximately 540
n86036496 Dionysius I, approximately 430 B.C.-367 B.C.
no2007075328 Dionysius, Aelius, active 2nd century
no98129194 Dionysius, Calliphontis
nr94033849 Dionysius, of Alexandria, Saint, -265
no91013549 Dionysius, of Byzantium
n50082922 Dionysius, of Halicarnassus
no2008072427 Dionysius, of Sinope, active 4th century B.C.
n91029067 Dionysius, of Tel-Maḥrē, Patriarch of Antioch, -845
n84133347 Dionysius, Periegetes
no2005094620 Dionysius, Pope, -267 or 268
n85113327 Dionysius, the Areopagite, Saint, active 1st century
n85326844 Dionysius, the Younger
n87807248 Dionysius, Thrax
no2004032509 Diophanes, of Mytilene, -132 B.C.
n82149799 Diophantus, of Alexandria
no99082332 Dioscórides
n83204415 Dioscorides Pedanius, of Anazarbos
nr2002023705 Dioscorides, active 3rd century B.C.
n85125194 Diphilus, of Sinope, active 4th century B.C.
n87863220 Dolabella, Publius Cornelius, approximately 80 B.C.-43 B.C.
n79077412 Domitian, Emperor of Rome, 51-96
nr98003643 Domitian, Saint, approximately 347-440
nr95022472 Domitius Ahenobarbus, Cn., active 104 B.C.-89 B.C.
no2013011657 Domitius Domitianus, L. (Lucius), -297
nr99013765 Domitius, Saint, active 4th century-5th century
n82032152 Donatus, Aelius
n82032152 Donatus, Aelius
nr95020973 Dorcatius
nr97028370 Dorotheus, of Beirut, active 6th century
no94029712 Dorotheus, of Gaza, Saint, active 6th century
nr94028610 Dorotheus, of Sidon
n85035334 Dorotheus, Saint, 255-362
nr2004036962 Dositheus, Magister
n95086431 Douris, active 6th century B.C.-5th century B.C.
no2012091624 Drusus Claudianus, Marcus Livius, -42 B.C.
no2012091624 Drusus Claudianus, Marcus Livius, -42 B.C.
n90715645 Duris, of Samos, approximately 340 B.C.-approximately 260 B.C.
no2015134678 Ecphantides, active 5th century B.C.
n93019082 Ecphantus
nr95020975 Egnatius
n50031872 Elagabalus, Emperor of Rome, 204-222
n79134944 Empedocles
nr95020968 Ena, Sextilius
n79109712 Ennius, Quintus
nr95027775 Ennius, Sex.
n83173222 Enoch (Biblical figure)
n81033797 Ephorus
n97036148 Epicharmus, active 5th century B.C.
n50082929 Epictetus
n79121664 Epicurus
no2015135346 Epilycus, active 5th century B.C.-4th century B.C.
no2002104047 Epimenides
n97038551 Erasistratus, of Ceos, active 3rd century B.C.
n82081073 Eratosthenes
n79045090 Erinna
n99040702 Etymologicum Gudianum
n87890843 Etymologicum magnum
n00039880 Etymologicum magnum genuinum
n82045871 Eubulus
nr98032894 Eubulus, approximately 405 B.C.-330 B.C.
n50043341 Euclid
n2002102662 Eudemus, of Rhodes
n86030065 Eudocia, Empress, consort of Theodosius II, Emperor of the East, -460
n85011976 Eudoxus, of Cnidus, approximately 400 B.C.-approximately 350 B.C.
n2016051854 Eumelus, of Corinth
n84080834 Eunapius, approximately 345-approximately 420
no2015135260 Eunicus, active 5th century B.C.
no2015134882 Euphronius, active 458 B.C.
no91001652 Euphronius, active 520 B.C.-470 B.C.
n83073705 Eupolis
n79063679 Euripides
n97860584 Eusebius
nr93003876 Eusebius Pamphilus
nr96008249 Eusebius, Bishop of Emesa, approximately 300-approximately 359
no2007040359 Eusebius, of Alexandria
n79150225 Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, approximately 260-approximately 340
n86017158 Eusebius, of Cremona, Saint, -approximately 423
no92033481 Eusebius, of Dorylaeum, Bishop of Dorylaeum
n2009020072 Eusebius, of Nicomedia, Bishop of Nicomedia, -341
nb2007022584 Eusebius, Pope, -309 or 310
n87143170 Eusebius, Saint, Bishop of Vercelli, approximately 283-371
n84111351 Eustathius, Archbishop of Thessalonica, -approximately 1194
n87911061 Eustathius, Macrembolites, active 12th century
no92025966 Eustathius, of Antioch, Saint, -approximately 337
nr94015220 Eustratios, Presbyter, active 6th century
n2002098935 Eustratius, Metropolitan of Nicaea
n85056938 Eutocius, of Ascalon
nb2007022879 Eutychianus, Pope, -283
n82059718 Ezekiel, active 2nd century B.C.
nr95029285 Fabius Maximus Servilianus, Q., active 142 B.C.
nr95029285 Fabius Maximus Servilianus, Q., active 142 B.C.
no2013102370 Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, Q. (Quintus), -203 B.C.
no2013102370 Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, Q. (Quintus), -203 B.C.
nr95022101 Fabius Pictor, active 154 B.C.-151 B.C.
nr95022101 Fabius Pictor, active 154 B.C.-151 B.C.
nr95016313 Fannius, C. (Caius)
nr95024119 Favorinus, active 104 B.C.?
no98002268 Favorinus, of Arles, approximately 81-approximately 150
no98002268 Favorinus, of Arles, approximately 81-approximately 150
nr95029288 Fenestella, active 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D.
n92044943 Festus, Sextus Pompeius, active 2nd century
n92044943 Festus, Sextus Pompeius, active 2nd century
n82111816 Firmicus Maternus, Julius
n85310229 Flaccus, Lucius Valerius, -approximately 54 B.C.
n85310229 Flaccus, Lucius Valerius, -approximately 54 B.C.
nr90027550 Flavianus, Virius Nicomachus, approximately 334-394
no2003047095 Florentinus, active 2nd century-3rd century
n84212566 Florus, Lucius Annaeus
no2017077314 Fortunatianus, Bishop of Aquileia, active 4th century
n80049752 Fortunatianus, Chirius
n83236155 Frontinus, Sextus Julius
n79151442 Fronto, Marcus Cornelius
n79151442 Fronto, Marcus Cornelius
n80043427 Fulgentius, Fabius Planciades
nr95021495 Furius Antias, A. (Aulus), active 100 B.C.
nr2004016358 Gabrielius, Julius
n50015482 Galba, Servius Sulpicius, Emperor of Rome, 3 B.C.-69 A.D.
n50015482 Galba, Servius Sulpicius, Emperor of Rome, 3 B.C.-69 A.D.
n79059644 Galen
nr97013151 Galerius, Emperor of Rome, approximately 260-313
n85385299 Gall, Saint, approximately 550-approximately 630
n80123081 Gallienus, Publius Licinius Egnatius, Emperor of Rome, 233?-268
nr95028968 Gallus Antipater, active 268-306
n87146215 Gallus, Anonymus, 1066-1145
nr95039327 Gallus, C. Aelius, active 1st century B.C.?
nr95039327 Gallus, C. Aelius, active 1st century B.C.?
nr95021497 Gallus, C. Asinius (Caius Asinius), 41 B.C.-33 A.D.
n85379942 Gallus, Gaius Cornelius, 69 B.C.?-26 B.C.
n85379942 Gallus, Gaius Cornelius, 69 B.C.?-26 B.C.
nr95020974 Gannius
n81092056 Gargilius Martialis, Quintus
n2015017566 Gaudentius
nr98008106 Gaudentius, Saint, Bishop of Brescia, -410?
n2015021977 Gaudentius, Saint, Bishop of Novara, -417
nr95016321 Gavius Bassus
nr95016321 Gavius Bassus
n79142673 Gellius, Aulus
n79142673 Gellius, Aulus
nr95029283 Gellius, Cn., active 154 B.C.-134 B.C.
no97037977 Geminus
n88277275 Geoponica
n82158317 Germanicus Caesar, 15 B.C.-19 A.D.
n82158317 Germanicus Caesar, 15 B.C.-19 A.D.
n82065950 Ghewond, Erētsʻ, active 8th century
no95052278 Giovanni, Diacono, active 11th century
n83825615 Glossaria interpretum
n84087618 Golden verses
n97876631 Gorgias
n82106049 Gorgias, of Leontini
nr95037505 Gracchanus, M. Junius Congus (Marcus Junius Congus), active 2nd century B.C.-1st century B.C.
n80089589 Gracchus
n81098243 Gracchus, Gaius Sempronius, 154 B.C.-121 B.C.
nr95037312 Granius Flaccus, active 1st century B.C.
nr95037312 Granius Flaccus, active 1st century B.C.
n90685526 Grapheus, Cornelius Scribonius
nr89002495 Grattius, Faliscus
no95046762 Gregorios, Metropolitan of Corinth, active 1092-1156
n83174295 Gregory II, of Cyprus, Patriarch of Constantinople, 1241-1290
n50030000 Hadrian, Emperor of Rome, 76-138
n80023034 Hanno
n81015721 Harmodius
no88000799 Harpocration, Valerius
n87931007 Hecataeus, of Miletus
no2015134819 Hegemon, active 5th century B.C.
n2007035854 Hegesippus, approximately 390 B.C.-approximately 325 B.C.
nr96044528 Hegesippus, Saint, -approximately 180
n78048111 Heliodoros
no2013064185 Heliodorus, active 8th century
n80089698 Heliodorus, of Emesa
nr2006002488 Heliodorus, of Larissa
n85216261 Heliodorus, of Prusa
n91019263 Heliodorus, Philosopher of Alexandria
no2007093591 Helladios, Alexandros, approximately 1686-
no2011118652 Hellanicus (Grammarian), active approximately 200 B.C.
n81119914 Hellanicus, of Lesbos
nr95026777 Helvius Mancia, active 97 B.C.-87 B.C.
nr94027924 Heraclides Lembus
n2007020565 Heraclides, Criticus
n2001039881 Heraclides, of Cyme
nr99004434 Heraclides, of Tarentum, active 75 B.C.
n98086562 Heraclides, Ponticus, approximately 390 B.C.-310 B.C.
nr94036792 Heraclides, Ponticus, the Younger
no00010470 Heraclitus, active 1st century
n78095675 Heraclitus, of Ephesus
nr95022473 Herennius Balbus, L., active 56 B.C.-45 B.C.
no96039842 Hermeias, of Alexandria, active 5th century
n80133312 Hermes, Trismegistus
n99041141 Hermesianax, of Colophon
n85356767 Hermias
no2010067962 Hermias, of Thebes
n88633827 Hermippus, of Smyrna, active 200 B.C.
n83319391 Hermodōros, ho Syrakousios
n89622424 Hermógenes
n91090165 Hermogenes, active 220 B.C.-190 B.C.
n85260452 Hermogenes, active 2nd century
nr99018099 Hermogenes, the heretic, active approximately 200
n81055336 Hero, of Alexandria
n79105659 Herodas
n83164991 Herodes Atticus
n50068736 Herodian
n88039759 Herodianus, Aelius, active 2nd century
n79086888 Herodotus
n86019013 Herophilus, of Chalcedon, approximately 335 B.C.-approximately 280 B.C.
n50062731 Hesiod
n91031863 Hesychius, of Alexandria, active 5th century
n83198243 Hesychius, of Jerusalem, -approximately 450
n87899441 Hesychius, of Miletus
n84100316 Hierocles (Grammarian)
n83124599 Hierocles, of Alexandria, active 430
n88069408 Hierocles, Sossianus, active 293-311
n2009044984 Hierocles, the Stoic, active 2nd century
n83214412 Hieronymus, of Cardia
n93060430 Himerius, approximately 310-approximately 390
no91008369 Hipparchus, active 190 B.C.-127 B.C.
n2003042208 Hippias, -490 B.C.
n88070221 Hippias, of Elis, active 5th century B.C.
n79005643 Hippocrates
n81007258 Hippodamus, of Miletus
n50066851 Hippolytus, Antipope, approximately 170-235 or 236
no2001045225 Hippon, active 5th century B.C.
n84058405 Hipponax, active 540 B.C.-537 B.C.
n84134395 Hirtius, Aulus
n78095639 Homer
n2008029820 Homer. Margitēs
n82234462 Homeric hymns
n88096063 Honestus
n79081354 Horace
n84141023 Horapollo
nr95016310 Hortensius Hortalus, Q. (Quintus)
nr95021121 Hostius
n84175578 Hyginus, C. Julius
n87820217 Hyginus, Gromaticus
no2015002227 Hyginus, Mensor
nb2007022952 Hyginus, Pope, -approximately 140
n80116994 Hyperides
nr96016542 Hypsicles, of Alexandria
n50053655 Iamblichus, approximately 250-approximately 330
n90702411 Ibycus, active 6th century B.C.
no2008125293 Ingenuin, Saint, Bishop of Säben, -approximately 605
n95013863 Ion, of Chios
n98031840 Ioulianos, Scholastikos, active 535-555
n80015476 Irenaeus, Saint, Bishop of Lyon
n90621891 Isaeus, approximately 420 B.C.-approximately 350 B.C.
n93069576 Isidore, of Alexandria, active 5th century
nr92022373 Isidore, of Pelusium, Saint, active 5th century
n80139470 Isidore, of Seville, Saint, -636
n80139470 Isidore, of Seville, Saint, -636
no2012029692 Isidore, the Younger, active 6th century
no2011067887 Isidorus, Aurelius, approximately 270-
n78080925 Isocrates
no2002007118 Istrus, the Callimachean, active 3rd century B.C.
n2004150785 Isyllus, of Epidaurus
n2007062270 Iuncus, Philosophus
no2011130859 Jacobus, Baradaeus, approximately 500-578
n83059651 Javolenus Priscus
n2002065409 Joannes, Diaconus Hispanus
nr2003023260 John Rufus, Bishop of Maiuma, active 476-518
no2015156751 John, of Gaza (Grammarian), active 6th century
n80015583 Josephus, Flavius
no91001823 Juba
n98080275 Juba II, King of Mauretania, approximately 50 B.C.-approximately 24 A.D.
n81152362 Julia Domna, Empress, consort of Severus, Lucius Septimius, Emperor of Rome, -217
n79067875 Julian, Emperor of Rome, 331-363
n84178627 Julian, of Eclanum, Bishop, 380-approximately 455
n84130710 Julian, of Le Mans, Saint, active 4th century?
nb2007023594 Julianus, Bishop of Halicarnassus, active 6th century
n2004120194 Julianus, of Alexandria
n82074166 Julianus, Saint, Bishop of Toledo, -690
n79053401 Julianus, the Theurgist
nb97066130 Julien, d’Ascalon
nr95038993 Julius Modestus, active 1st century
nr95021875 Julius Montanus, -27
no90022902 Junius Secundus
n79032202 Justinian I, Emperor of the East, 483?-565
n98082251 Justinian II, Emperor of the East, 669-711
n79060985 Juvenal
n81077601 Juvenalis, Saint, Bishop of Narni, -376
nr95023938 Juventius Laterensis, M., -43 B.C.
n78018941 Kallias, of Sphettos, active 307 B.C.-269 B.C.
n2011040776 Kīrullus IV, Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria, 1816-1861
nr95021126 Labeo, Attius, active 1st century
n86113064 Labeo, Marcus Antistius, approximately 48 B.C.-approximately 22 A.D.
n86113064 Labeo, Marcus Antistius, approximately 48 B.C.-approximately 22 A.D.
nr95038999 Laberius, D. (Decimus), approximately 107 B.C.-43 B.C.
nr95037307 Laelius Felix, active 2nd century
nr95024114 Laelius, C., Sapiens, approximately 190 B.C.-approximately 128 B.C.
nr95016540 Laevius
no2003048237 Lasus, 548 B.C.-
nr95022108 Laurea, Tullius, active 1st century B.C.
nr95022108 Laurea, Tullius, active 1st century B.C.
nr95021465 Lentulus Gaetulicus, Cn. Cornelius (Cneius Cornelius), -39
nr95021465 Lentulus Gaetulicus, Cn. Cornelius (Cneius Cornelius), -39
nr95024120 Lentulus Marcellinus, Cn. Cornelius, active 84 B.C.-56 B.C.
nr95024120 Lentulus Marcellinus, Cn. Cornelius, active 84 B.C.-56 B.C.
n90633911 Leo VI, Emperor of the East, 866-912
n93123081 Leo, the Mathematician, -approximately 869
no98119206 Leonidas
no2002001719 Leonidas, King of Sparta, -480 B.C.
n99015056 Leonidas, of Tarentum, active 4th century B.C.-3rd century B.C.
nr96026438 Leontius, Abbot of St. Saba, active 6th century-7th century
nr93007519 Leontius, Bishop of Neapolis, active 7th century
no2011198622 Leontius, Mechanicus
nr99025211 Leontius, of Damascus, active 8th century-9th century
n2006000839 Leontius, of Jerusalem, active 6th century
nr99007580 Leontius, of Tripoli, Saint, active 4th century
nr89004025 Leontius, Presbyter of Constantinople, active 5th century-6th century
no2005026238 Leontius, Scholasticus, active 540-555
nr95023939 Lepidus Porcina, M. Aemilius (Marcus Aemilius), active 137 B.C.-125 B.C.
n88092660 Lesbōnax
n82064251 Lesbonax (Rhetorician)
no99064639 Leucippus
no2015134865 Leucon, active 5th century B.C.
no2011030808 Lexicon haimōdein
n00029484 Lexicon juridic
n50052091 Libanius
nb2010016594 Libius Severus, Emperor of Rome, approximately 420-465
nr95030635 Licinius Imbrex
no2014038977 Licinius Rufinus
no2007122068 Licinius, Emperor of Rome, approximately 250-325
n79015690 Livy
n84160046 Longinus, active 1st century
n79043133 Longinus, Cassius, approximately 213-273
no2002044247 Longinus, of Enaton, Saint, active 5th century
n90684624 Longinus, Saint, martyr, active 1st century
n50043501 Longus
n79089234 Lucan, 39-65
n2005029137 Lucianus, Saint, -approximately 250
n50079083 Lucilius, Gaius, approximately 180 B.C.-approximately 102 B.C.
n2003055812 Lucillius, active 1st century
n79033010 Lucretius Carus, Titus
nr95030835 Luscius Lanuvinus, active 2nd century B.C.
nr95016314 Lutatius Catulus, Q. (Quintus), 150 B.C.-87 B.C.
nr95024511 Lutatius Catulus, Q. (Quintus), approximately 121 B.C.-approximately 60 B.C.
n85216215 Lycophron
no2016144604 Lycophron, the Sophist, active 4th century B.C.
n85202757 Lycurgus
nr96035470 Lycurgus, approximately 390 B.C.-approximately 324 B.C.
n2004120193 Lycus, of Macedonia
no2008068162 Lydos, active 6th century B.C.
n82246814 Lydus, Johannes Laurentius, 490-approximately 565
n50000909 Lysias
no2015135249 Lysias (Poet of Old Comedy), active approximately 400 B.C.
n84160212 Lysimachus, King of Thrace, approximately 361 B.C.-281 B.C.
n85229154 Lysippus
no2015134857 Lysippus, active 5th century B.C.
nb2007027952 Macarius II, Patriarch of Jerusalem, -575
n2008040999 Macarius, Bishop of Jerusalem, active 4th century
n82126315 Macarius, Bishop of Tkôw, active 5th century
no2004058827 Macarius, Magnes, active 403
no94021433 Macarius, of Alexandria, Saint, active 4th century
n82031613 Macarius, the Egyptian, Saint, active 4th century
n97044380 Macedonius, Consul, approximately 490-approximately 565
n83069027 Macer, Aemilius, -16 B.C.
nr95015551 Macer, C. Licinius (Caius Licinius)
no90000723 Macrobius
n50043606 Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius
n50043606 Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius
n94110034 Maecenas, Gaius Cilnius, approximately 70 B.C.-8 B.C.
nr95037316 Maecianus, L. Volusius (Lucius Volusius), active 2nd century
n98009449 Maginus, Saint, -approximately 304
no2015134952 Magnes, active 5th century B.C.
n86122595 Malampus, active 3rd century B.C.
n84019671 Malchus, Philadelphensis
nr98025310 Malchus, Saint
no2004090858 Mallius Theodorus, Flavius, active 377-409
n88132204 Manetho
nr95033837 Manilius, M’. (Manius), active 2nd century B.C.
n79055083 Manilius, Marcus
nr88007824 Marcellinus
no95028556 Marcellinus, comes, active 500-534
nb2007022765 Marcellinus, Pope, -304
no2009178030 Marcellinus, Presbyter, active 4th century
n99834178 Marcellinus, Saint, -304
n85216488 Marcellus, Marcus Claudius, -45 B.C.
nr99024574 Marcellus, Marcus Claudius, approximately 268 B.C.-208 B.C.
no2014049595 Marcellus, Ulpius, active 135
nb2010016337 Marcian, Emperor of the East, 392-457
n90719961 Marcianus, Aelius
n90719961 Marcianus, Aelius
no97067478 Marcianus, of Heraclea
n2005029142 Marcianus, Saint, -approximately 250
nr95026801 Marcius Philippus, L. (Lucius), approximately 136 B.C.-approximately 76 B.C.
nr95022106 Marcius, Cn., vates
n80051702 Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 121-180
n80058356 Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 121-180. Meditations
nr95020970 Marianus
nr95020970 Marianus
nr94037948 Marianus, Scotus, 1028-1082?
n86107863 Marinus, active 5th century
nr98012601 Markellos, Sidētēs
n81127417 Marsus, Domitius
n82013667 Martial
n82013667 Martial
n84051423 Martial, Saint, Bishop of Limoges, active 3rd century
n80083555 Martianus Capella
nb2013001823 Matius
nr95020969 Matius, Cn.
n99263038 Matron, of Pitana
n82211141 Maurice, Emperor of the East, 539-602
n85311132 Maximianus, active 6th century
nr96038457 Maximos, ho Ephesios, -372
no2004086322 Maximus Victorinus
no2016150320 Maximus, Bishop of Riez, Saint, -460 or 461
n79055110 Maximus, Confessor, Saint, approximately 580-662
nb2011017452 Maximus, Emperor of the West, -388
n78059770 Maximus, Marcus Clodius Pupienus, -238
n2007016203 Maximus, Marius, approximately 165-approximately 230
n88218049 Maximus, of Turin, Saint, active 4th century-5th century
n85143899 Maximus, of Tyre, active 2nd century
nr99013764 Maximus, Saint, active 4th century-5th century
n82088707 Maximus, the Greek, Saint, 1480-1556
nb2003067050 Maximus, Tiberius Claudius, active 85-117
n82154900 Megasthenes
n80139084 Mela, Pomponius
n82162698 Meleager
n2001006266 Meleager Painter, approximately 400 B.C.-
n82103038 Melissus, Samius
nr95026779 Memmius, C., -100 B.C.
nr95026787 Memmius, C., approximately 98 B.C.-approximately 46 B.C.
nr93014893 Memnon, of Heraclea Pontica
nb2008001433 Memnon, of Rhodes, approximately 380 B.C.-333 B.C.
n90707640 Menander, Indo-Greek king, active 2nd century B.C.
n80008543 Menander, of Athens
no2015134836 Menander, of Athens (Poet of Old Comedy)
nr92021476 Menander, of Laodicea, active 3rd century
n86082820 Menander, Protector, active 6th century
no2015134823 Menecrates, active 5th century B.C.
no2012040538 Menecrates, of Syracuse, active 4th century B.C.
no2008183769 Menippus, of Gadara
no97067483 Menippus, of Pergamon
n88091044 Menodotus, of Nicomedia
n82245065 Mesomedes, active 2nd century
n85288052 Messalla Corvinus, Marcus Valerius, 64 B.C.-approximately 8 A.D.
nr95038421 Messalla Rufus, M. Valerius, approximately 103 B.C.-approximately 26 B.C.
nr95038421 Messalla Rufus, M. Valerius, approximately 103 B.C.-approximately 26 B.C.
no2015135382 Metagenes, active 5th-4th century B.C.
nr95026790 Metellus Macedonicus, Q. Caecilius (Quintus Caecilius), approximately 188 B.C.-115 B.C.
nr95026791 Metellus Numidicus, Q. Caecilius (Quintus Caecilius), active 112 B.C.-91 B.C.
nr95026784 Metellus, Quintus Caecilius, active 216 B.C.-179 B.C.
n83182082 Methodius, of Olympus, Saint, -311
n83032201 Metochites, Theodoros, 1270-1332
n86092955 Metrodorus, of Lampsacus, 331 B.C. or 330 B.C.-278 B.C. or 277 B.C.
n2008038073 Metrodorus, of Scepsis, -70 B.C.
n84179657 Michael, of Ephesus
n83319399 Mimnermus, of Colophon, active 7th century B.C.
n83318201 Mithridates Kallinikos, King of Commagene, active 96 B.C.-70 B.C.
n83206563 Mithridates VI Eupator, King of Pontus, approximately 132 B.C.-63 B.C.
n2006069337 Mnaseas, active 3rd century B.C.
no2008072434 Mnesimachus, active 4th century B.C.
n88029494 Modestinus, Herennius, active 3rd century
nr93025480 Moeris (Lexicographer), active 2nd-3rd century
n83206785 Moschus, John, approximately 550-619
n81029690 Moses, of Khoren, active 5th century
99nr95029625 Mucianus, C. Licinius, active 52-77
nr95031028 Mummius, active 1st century B.C.
n82209954 Musaeus, Grammaticus
n78095505 Musonius Rufus, C. (Caius), approximately 30-
n85313140 Myrepsus, Nicolaus, active 13th century
no96065441 Myrsilus, of Methymna
no2015134887 Myrtilus, active 5th century B.C.
nr95022296 Naevius
n85356413 Naevius, Gnaeus, approximately 270 B.C.-approximately 200 B.C.
nr95033832 Namusa, P. Aufidius, active 1st century B.C.
nr93027945 Naumachius
n2003069363 Nearchus, of Crete, -approximately 312 B.C.
n50004515 Nepos, Cornelius
n80001433 Neratius Priscus, Lucius
nr89013885 Nerva, Emperor of Rome, approximately 30-98
n88002165 Nestor
n82119171 Nicander, of Colophon
n81077197 Nicholas, of Lyra, approximately 1270-1349
n82024043 Nicias
nb2001038371 Nico
no2016042036 Nicochares
no2003112486 Nicodemus
n85344961 Nicolaus, of Damascus
nr88002204 Nicolaus, Pergaminus
n84805968 Nicomachus, of Gerasa
nr91016345 Nigidius Figulus, Publius, -45 B.C.
nr95022105 Ninnius Crassus, active 1st century B.C.?
n86113590 Nonius Marcellus, active 4th century
n86113590 Nonius Marcellus, active 4th century
n88208341 Nonnos, Theophanēs, active 10th century
no2014033225 Nonnus, of Nisibis, active 8th century
n81094864 Nonnus, of Panopolis
no2007145762 Nossis, of Locri, active 3rd century B.C.
nr95038423 Novius, active 95 B.C.-80 B.C.
nr95026792 Novius, L. (Lucius), active 62 B.C.-58 B.C.
n85202845 Numa Pompilius, King of Rome, active 715 B.C.-673 B.C.
n88056991 Numenius, of Apamea, active approximately 150
nr90001422 Oenomaus, of Gadara, active 2nd century
n90698896 Ōkellos, ho Leukanos, active 6th century B.C.
n84080833 Olympiodorus, approximately 380-approximately 425
n87855626 Olympiodorus, Diaconus, active 5th century-6th century
n87890573 Olympiodorus, the Younger, of Alexandria, active 6th century
nr93019118 Onasander
n78073483 Onatas
nr95027533 Opilius, Aurelius, active 1st century B.C.
n88020705 Oppian, active 2nd century
n2003032893 Oppian, of Apamea
nr95038416 Oppius, C., active 1st century B.C.
nr95027998 Orbilius Pupillus, L. (Lucius), approximately 114 B.C.-approximately 14 B.C.
n86816961 Oribasius
n79004180 Origen
n95081981 Orion
n82248153 Orion, the Disciple, active 1st century
no95038698 Orphic hymns
n79041738 Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.
nr95022102 Paconianus, Sex. (Sextus), -35
n94119889 Pacuvius, Marcus
n90628513 Palaephatus
n86130306 Palladas
no2004065329 Palladios, of Alexandria, active 6th century
n82093718 Palladius, Bishop of Aspuna, -approximately 430
n82092892 Palladius, Bishop of Ratiaria, active 4th century
n50052989 Palladius, Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus
no2009101598 Palladius, Saint, active 5th century
no91020231 Pamphilus
nr2002032339 Pamphilus, Presbyter of Caesarea, active 3rd century-4th century
n92052520 Pamphilus, Theologus
n88636515 Papinian, -212
n85143766 Pappus, of Alexandria
n79065281 Parmenides
no2005061795 Parrhasius, active 5th century B.C.
nr90020302 Parthenius, of Nicaea, active 1st century B.C.
nr95039701 Passienus Crispus, -48
no92029189 Paul, of Mérida, deacon of Mérida, active 7th century
n80056870 Paul, the Deacon, approximately 720-799?
nr91036414 Paul, the Silentiary, active 6th century
n86847046 Paulus, Aegineta
n50052119 Paulus, Julius, active approximately 200
nr97033569 Paulus, of Alexandria, active 4th century
n83204491 Pausânias
n93113203 Pausanias, active approximately 150-175
n2005090302 Pausanias, of Sparta, active 479 B.C.-470 B.C.
no2009027533 Pediasimus, Ioannes, 1282-1326
n50009020 Pelagius
no2002046961 Pelagius I, Pope, -561
n88652709 Pelagius II, Pope, 520-590
nr94009011 Pelagius, Saint, approximately 912-925
n79060980 Persius
n79060980 Persius
nr96040594 Peter, Patrikios, approximately 500-565
no2007159142 Petosiris, High Priest of Thoth, active 4th century B.C.
n79142770 Petronius Arbiter
nb2010016592 Petronius Maximus, Emperor of Rome, approximately 396-455
n82104902 Petronius, Publius, active 24 B.C.-21 B.C.
n94092502 Petronius, Saint, Bishop of Bologna, -approximately 445
n50047685 Phaedrus
n2015030424 Phaenias
n84121462 Phalaris, Tyrant of Agrigentum, active 6th century B.C.
no92013552 Phanocles
n2005062728 Pheidippides, active 490 B.C.
n95106481 Pherecydes, of Athens, active 5th century B.C.
n88152183 Pherecydes, of Syros, active 6th century B.C.
no2007026710 Philadelphus, Theophilus.
no2005009961 Philagrius, of Epirus, active 4th century
no2008072441 Philetaerus, active 4th century B.C.
n2001034426 Philētas, 330 B.C.-270 B.C.
n88122633 Philip, the Arabian, Emperor of Rome, approximately 204-249
nb2010015207 Philip, the Younger, Emperor of Rome, 238-249
n85356045 Philippus Sidetes, active 5th century
no2004105299 Philippus, of Opus, active 350 B.C.
n88600239 Philo
no2013006402 Philo (Poet), active approximately 200 B.C.
n80051891 Philo, of Alexandria
n82256222 Philo, of Byblos
no91013584 Philo, of Byzantium
n80127835 Philo, Saint, Bishop of Carpasia
nr99028993 Philocalus, Furius Dionysius, active 4th century
nr99028993 Philocalus, Furius Dionysius, active 4th century
n2007057352 Philochorus, active 3rd century B.C.
nr90011258 Philodemus
n84007239 Philodemus, approximately 110 B.C.-approximately 40 B.C.
n92047005 Philolaus, of Croton, approximately 470 B.C.-
n84091782 Philon, of Larissa
no2015134888 Philonides, active 5th century B.C.
n83164845 Philoponus, John, active 6th century
n2011022308 Philostephanus, of Cyrene, active 3rd century B.C.
n2007039388 Philostratus, approximately 220-
n50012277 Philostratus, the Athenian, active 2nd century-3rd century
n83048122 Philostratus, the Lemnian, active 3rd century
n79008221 Philoxenus, Bishop of Hierapolis, approximately 440-523
nr92017160 Philoxenus, Flavius Theodorus, Byzantine consul, active 525
nr92016759 Philoxenus, of Alexandria, active 1st century B.C.
n2013015216 Philoxenus, of Cythera, approximately 435 B.C.-380 B.C.
n2014068660 Philoxenus, of Leucas, active approximately 400 B.C.
nr95037759 Philumenus
no2016042037 Philyllius
no97040169 Phlegon, of Tralles
n86122591 Phocylides, active 544 B.C.-541 B.C.
nb2015008331 Phoenix
nr99013431 Phoibammon, Saint, active 4th century
n80125110 Photius I, Saint, Patriarch of Constantinople, approximately 820-approximately 891
no2015134775 Phrynichus (Poet of Old Comedy), active 5th century B.C.
n86082862 Phrynichus, active 5th century B.C.
n88059634 Phrynichus, Arabius
n90715620 Phylarchus, of Athens, active 3rd century B.C.
n79138879 Pindar
n94078600 Piso Frugi, Lucius Calpurnius, approximately 182 B.C.-
nr91022040 Pittacus, of Mytilene, approximately 650 B.C.-approximately 570 B.C.
n97101181 Plancus, Lucius Munatius
n79139459 Plato
no2010048274 Plato, Comicus, active 410 B.C.-391 B.C.
no2004074424 Plato, Tiburtinus, active 12th century
no2007068284 Platonius, active 9th century-10th century
n80014980 Plautus, Titus Maccius
n80014980 Plautus, Titus Maccius
nb2010012743 Plinius Secundus
n79042075 Pliny, the Elder
n79042075 Pliny, the Elder
n79075182 Pliny, the Younger
n79075182 Pliny, the Younger
n80014372 Plotinus
n79026763 Plutarch
n84227568 Polemo, Antonius, approximately 88-145
no2016042088 Poliochus
n82153080 Pollio, Gaius Asinius, 76 B.C.-4 A.D.
nr93031387 Pollux, Julius, 180-238
n94028544 Polyaenus
nr92011362 Polyaenus, of Lampsacus
n79006487 Polybius
nr99037037 Polybius, -46 or 47
nr91007900 Polyclitus, active 5th century B.C.
n2013041734 Polycrates, Tyrant of Samos, -approximately 522 B.C.
n79059103 Polystratus
no2016042025 Polyzelus
n79066506 Pomerius, Julianus
nr94014650 Pompeius Magnus Pius, Sextus, approximately 67 B.C.-35 B.C.
nr94014650 Pompeius Magnus Pius, Sextus, approximately 67 B.C.-35 B.C.
nr95026839 Pompeius Rufus, Q. (Quintus), -88 B.C.
nr95026839 Pompeius Rufus, Q. (Quintus), -88 B.C.
nr95026833 Pompeius Rufus, Q., active 63 B.C.-51 B.C.
nr95026833 Pompeius Rufus, Q., active 63 B.C.-51 B.C.
no2004094622 Pompeius, active 5th century-6th century
no2004094622 Pompeius, active 5th century-6th century
n80013395 Pompey, the Great, 106 B.C.-48 B.C.
nr95020967 Pompilius, active 100 B.C.
nr95030997 Pomponius Secundus, P. (Publius), active 1st century
nr95030997 Pomponius Secundus, P. (Publius), active 1st century
nr95031002 Pomponius, L. (Lucius), Bononiensis, active 100 B.C.-85 B.C.
nr95039005 Pomponius, Sextus, active 2nd century
nr94015968 Pontius Leontius, active 5th century
nr95021141 Porcius Licinus, active 2nd century B.C.
n81124456 Porphyry, approximately 234-approximately 305
no98094866 Porphyry, of Gaza, Saint, approximately 347-420
nr97044893 Posidippus, of Pella, approximately 310 B.C.-approximately 240 B.C.
n80137852 Posidonius
nr95029645 Postumius Albinus, A. (Aulus), active 167 B.C.-146 B.C.
n2016061278 Praxagoras, of Kōs, approximately 340 B.C.-
n82249198 Priscian, active approximately 500-530
n82249198 Priscian, active approximately 500-530
n2007041361 Priscianus, Lydus, active 6th century
n2007041361 Priscianus, Lydus, active 6th century
n84080832 Priscus, active 5th century
no2006009613 Probus, Gaius Titius
nr95039684 Probus, Marcus Valerius
n79007198 Proclus, approximately 410-485
n87805335 Proclus, Saint, Patriarch of Constantinople, approximately 390-approximately 446
n50025184 Procopius
n96114149 Procopius, Megalomartyr, Saint, -303
n84045623 Procopius, of Gaza, approximately 475-approximately 528
n97033031 Procopius, Usurper in the East, 326-366
nr92022091 Proculus, Saint, -approximately 304
n85144300 Prodicus, active 5th century B.C.
n79042233 Propertius, Sextus
n81002855 Protagoras
n82098837 Psalms of Solomon
n93019079 Pseudo Ecphantus
n50032188 Pseudo-Callisthenes
no2015029477 Pseudo-Democritus
n2011068340 Pseudo-Didymus, Chalcenterus
n2006022202 Pseudo-Dionysius, of Halicarnassus, active 2nd century
n50028822 Pseudo-Dionysius, the Areopagite
nr2004036963 Pseudo-Dositheus
no2003010856 Pseudo-Eusebius, Cremonensis
nr96044533 Pseudo-Hegesippus
no2011029666 Pseudo-Herodianus
n94122372 Pseudo-Hippolytus
n87820216 Pseudo-Hyginus
nb2014028096 Pseudo-Julianus
n87821131 Pseudo-Macarius
nr94014167 Pseudo-Nonnos
n84121461 Pseudo-Phalaris
n85327711 Pseudo-Philo
nr92016765 Pseudo-Philoxenus
n93061260 Pseudo-Phocylides
no2010016544 Pseudo-Priscianus
no2010016544 Pseudo-Priscianus
no2004058848 Pseudo-Scymnus
no2014079208 Pseudo-Simplicius
no2009098810 Pseudo-Tertullian
n00046111 Pseudo-Zeno
no2011118655 Ptolemaios, Epithetes, active 2nd century B.C.
n50032768 Ptolemy, active 2nd century
no92024538 Ptolemy, the Gnostic, active 2nd century
n85194948 Publilius, Syrus, active 1st century B.C.
n80162846 Pythagoras
n85061382 Pythoklēs
n80046563 Quintilian
n84058406 Quintus, Smyrnaeus, active 4th century
nr95021143 Rabirius
n88092241 Rabirius Postumus, Gaius
n82102907 Regulus, Marcus Atilius, -250 B.C.?
no97056563 Rhetores Graeci
n2007085377 Rhianus, of Crete
n86070593 Richard Rufus, of Cornwall, -approximately 1260
no2008125815 Rufinus, approximately 335-395
nr89018271 Rufinus, Archbishop of Sorrento, active 12th century
n85116571 Rufinus, de Rizardo, active 13th century
n82255489 Rufinus, of Aquileia, 345-410
n82211143 Rufus
n83122630 Rufus, of Ephesus
n88181630 Rufus, Sextus
n86113828 Rutilius Lupus, Publius
n86113828 Rutilius Lupus, Publius
nr95029631 Rutilius Rufus, P. (Publius), approximately 154 B.C.-approximately 75 B.C.
nr95029631 Rutilius Rufus, P. (Publius), approximately 154 B.C.-approximately 75 B.C.
n91001441 Sabinus, active 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D.
n81006842 Sabinus, Flavius, approximately 8-69
nr2005030801 Sabinus, Julius, -79
n87114691 Sabinus, Masurius
no2002024945 Sabinus, Saint, -566
n90709751 Sacerdos, Marius Plotius, active 3rd century
n79018348 Sallust, 86 B.C.-34 B.C.
n79018348 Sallust, 86 B.C.-34 B.C.
n50065859 Sallustius
nb2012000842 Sallustius, Flavius
n93074823 Salvius Julianus
n93074823 Salvius Julianus
nr95027979 Santra, active 1st century B.C.
n50047921 Sappho
n85341224 Saturninus, Aurelius, active 4th century-5th century
nr2001000041 Saturninus, Lucius Appuleius
nr98023307 Saturninus, Saint, -250
n83008381 Scaevola, Gaius Mucius
n83008381 Scaevola, Gaius Mucius
n81152221 Scaevola, Publius Mucius
n81152221 Scaevola, Publius Mucius
nr89004235 Scaevola, Quintus Cervidius
no97057799 Scaevola, Quintus Mucius, -82 B.C.
no97057799 Scaevola, Quintus Mucius, -82 B.C.
nr95039679 Scaevus Memor, active 1st century
n88092242 Scaurus, Marcus Aemilius
n86872090 Scholia Bobiensia
nr95027382 Scipio Aemilianus, P. Cornelius (Publius Cornelius), Africanus minor, 185 B.C. or 184 B.C.-129 B.C.
nr95027235 Scipio Nasica Serapio, P. Cornelius (Publius Cornelius), -132 B.C.
n50005015 Scipio, Africanus, approximately 236 B.C.-183 B.C.
n82239358 Scribonius Largus, approximately 1-approximately 50
n50004878 Scriptores historiae Augustae
n80098289 Scylax, of Caryanda, active 6th century B.C.
n85009627 Secundus, of Athens, active 2nd century
n87880846 Seleucus I, Nicator, -281 B.C.
n50038257 Semonides, of Amorgos
n79004229 Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, approximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D.
n79004229 Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, approximately 4 B.C.-65 A.D.
nr95021153 Septimius Serenus
nr95021153 Septimius Serenus
no2009154056 Serapio
n84140345 Serenus Sammonicus, Quintus
nr93035833 Serenus, Antinoensis
n83302325 Servius Tullius, King of Rome, active 578 B.C.-534 B.C.
n82221524 Servius, active 4th century
n82221524 Servius, active 4th century
n83028108 Severus Alexander, Emperor of Rome, 208-235
n2006052503 Severus Sanctus Endelechius, active 395
nr95015550 Severus, Cornelius
n82000920 Severus, Lucius Septimius, Emperor of Rome, 146-211
no2009115204 Severus, Monachus, active 861
n89630595 Severus, of Antioch, approximately 465-538
n79129029 Severus, Sulpicius
nr95021325 Sevius Nicanor, active 2nd century B.C.-1st century B.C.
n50002828 Sextus, Empiricus
n81086465 Sextus, Pythagoreus
nr95037756 Siculus Flaccus
nr95037756 Siculus Flaccus
n85175817 Sidonius Apollinaris, Saint, 431 or 432-approximately 487
n2004042942 Sidonius Apollinaris, Saint, 431 or 432-approximately 487. Carmina. 22
n79120267 Silius Italicus, Tiberius Catius
n79120267 Silius Italicus, Tiberius Catius
nr95030658 Simmias, of Rhodes, active 300 B.C.
n85298996 Simonides, approximately 556 B.C.-467 B.C.
n82102480 Simplicius, of Cilicia
n2004022573 Simplicius, Pope, -483
nr95027981 Sinnius Capito, active 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D.
nr95029637 Sisenna, L. Cornelius (Lucius Cornelius), approximately 118 B.C.-67 B.C.
n79055329 Socrates
n85035333 Socrates, Scholasticus, approximately 379-approximately 440
n87803865 Solon
n79110932 Solon, approximately 630 B.C.-approximately 560 B.C.
n89639122 Sopater, of Berea
n79127755 Sophocles
n80098028 Sophonias
n2002028583 Sophron, approximately 470 B.C.-400 B.C.
n83122548 Soranus, of Ephesus
no2016121940 Sōsipatros
n85354953 Sotades
n84076239 Sozomen, approximately 400-approximately 450
n82071572 Speusippus
n79004820 Staphylus, Fridericus, 1512-1564
n79108865 Statius, P. Papinius (Publius Papinius)
n93031595 Stephanos, ho Byzantios, active 6th century
n86812927 Stephanus Magnetes, active 11th century
nr2003018646 Stephanus, Antiochenus, active 1127
n84179562 Stephanus, of Alexandria
n85183153 Stephanus, of Athens
n82233888 Stephen, Saint, -approximately 36
n81003957 Stesichorus
nr95028429 Stilo Praeconinus, L. Aelius (Lucius Aelius), approximately 154 B.C.-approximately 74 B.C.
n83035348 Stobaeus
nr99017041 Stoicorum veterum fragmenta
n80035710 Strabo
n97001996 Straton, of Lampsacus
no2009205528 Strattis, active 5th century B.C.-4th century B.C.
n88113896 Suda lexicon
n2003040810 Suetonius Paulinus, Gaius
n50053072 Suetonius, approximately 69-approximately 122
n50053072 Suetonius, approximately 69-approximately 122
n83212399 Sulla, Lucius Cornelius
n95011691 Sulla, Publius Cornelius, -45 B.C.
no2013054297 Sulpice, the Pious, Saint, 570-647
n85240602 Sulpicius
n85294050 Sulpicius Rufus, Servius, -43 B.C.
n85294050 Sulpicius Rufus, Servius, -43 B.C.
n80039416 Symmachus
nr95022297 Symmachus, L. Aurelius Avianus, -approximately 376
nr95021880 Symmachus, Q. Aurelius Memmius, -525
n82050820 Symmachus, Quintus Aurelius, approximately 340-402
n81055375 Synesius, of Cyrene, Bishop of Ptolemais
n83237132 Syrianus
n2013027488 Syrianus, Magister
n80145600 Tacitus, Cornelius
n97067119 Tarquinius Priscus, Lucius, King of Rome, active 616 B.C.-579 B.C.
n2003031317 Teles
no2015058803 Telestes
n79066715 Terence
n94117654 Terentianus Maurus
n94117654 Terentianus Maurus
nr95015084 Terentius Scaurus, Q. (Quintus)
nr95015084 Terentius Scaurus, Q. (Quintus)
n91128768 Terpander
n79091867 Tertullian, approximately 160-approximately 230
n86024245 Thales, approximately 634 B.C.-approximately 546 B.C.
no2009006261 Theaetetus, of Athens, approximately 414 B.C.-369 B.C.
no2015157537 Theagenēs, of Rhegium, active approximately 529 B.C.-522 B.C.
n88648425 Theano
n79127090 Themistius
n85352471 Themistocles
n83177742 Themistocles, approximately 524 B.C.-approximately 459 B.C.
n50033430 Theocritus
no2016077270 Theodectes, of Phaselis, approximately 380 B.C.-approximately 340 B.C.
n83014707 Theodore bar Konai, active 8th century-9th century
n84200019 Theodore, Bishop of Mopsuestia, approximately 350-428 or 429
n85284134 Theodorus, of Gadara, active 33 B.C.
no2005103484 Theodorus, Pediasimus, active 14th century
n83045220 Theodosius I, Emperor of Rome, 347-395
n93049411 Theodosius II, Emperor of Rome, 401-450
n80013599 Theodosius, active 1st century B.C.
n88642248 Theodosius, active 6th century
nb2006016481 Theodosius, Archbishop of Alexandria, -566
n2005075440 Theodosius, Bishop of Jerusalem, active 450
no99057736 Theodosius, of Alexandria, the grammarian
n92077887 Theodosius, of the Caves, Saint, approximately 1008-1074
nr2004002208 Theodosius, the Cenobiarch, Saint, -529
n79063403 Theognis
no2014041430 Theognōstos, hieromonachos, active 13th century
n84045624 Theognostus, of Alexandria, active 3rd century
nr98005306 Theon, Aelius, active 1st century
n86048557 Theon, of Alexandria, active 364
n85813068 Theon, of Smyrna
n2006007270 Theophanes, active 4th century
no2002041441 Theophanes, Graptos, bishop of Caesarea, active 9th century
n82037655 Theophanes, the Confessor, -approximately 818
n87885114 Theophilos Protospatharios, active 7th century
nr00022967 Theophilos, the Indian, Bishop, active 4th century
no90022848 Theophilus
no2008072453 Theophilus, active 4th century B.C.
n91060632 Theophilus, active 6th century
no96005068 Theophilus, Archbishop of Alexandria, -412
nb2011029113 Theophilus, of Edessa, 695-785
n80015559 Theophilus, Presbyter, active 12th century
n85056796 Theophilus, Saint, active 2nd century
n79108364 Theophrastus
nr90005938 Theopompus, of Chios
nb2002083035 Thespis
n50078850 Thomas, Apostle, Saint, active 1st century
n81090079 Thomas, Gallus, -1246
n82164759 Thōmas, Magistros, active 1310-1327
no2002103966 Thorius Balbus, L. (Lucius), active 105 B.C.-95 B.C.
no2016143620 Thrasymachus, of Chalcedon, active 5th century B.C.
n79021175 Thucydides
no2015134957 Thugenides, active 5th century B.C.
no98066120 Tʻeodoros, Zōravar, Saint, -306
n2015031842 Tʻeopʻile, xucʻesmonazoni, active 9th century
nb2010016600 Tiberius II Constantine, Emperor of the East, -582
n50049381 Tiberius, Emperor of Rome, 42 B.C.-37 A.D.
n91080051 Tiberius, Sallustius
n78087625 Tibullus
nr95022298 Ticidas
n83319387 Timaeus, of Locri
n84058439 Timaeus, of Tauromenium, approximately 356 B.C.-260 B.C.
no2007085853 Timaeus, the Sophist
no2004058055 Timotheos, active 4th century B.C.
nr96017632 Timotheus
nb2007020093 Timotheus I, Archbishop of Alexandria, -385
no2008090395 Timotheus, -354 B.C.
no2002014237 Timothy Aelurus, Patriarch of Alexandria, -477
nr95027995 Tiro, M. Tullius (Marcus Tullius), 104 B.C. or 103 B.C.-
nr95027995 Tiro, M. Tullius (Marcus Tullius), 104 B.C. or 103 B.C.-
n85297966 Titinius
nr95028427 Titius
nr95027548 Titius, C. (Caius), active 2nd century B.C.
n80108741 Titus, Emperor of Rome, 40-81
nr95031188 Trabea, active 2nd century B.C.
n79055990 Trajan, Emperor of Rome, 53-117
nr95037483 Trebatius Testa, C. (Caius), active 1st century B.C.
n2001061805 Trebonius Rufinus
n82043686 Trogus, Pompeius
n82043686 Trogus, Pompeius
n80128532 Tryphiodorus
n2001093503 Trypho
no2008022234 Tryphon, active 1st century B.C.
no2005023424 Tryphoninus, Claudius, active 2nd century-3rd century
n83126820 Tullius
n2013007205 Tullius, Servius
nr95021157 Turnus
nr95030634 Turpilius, Sex. (Sextus), -103 B.C.
nr93040686 Tyrtaeus
n85143186 Tzetzes, Isaac, -1138
n82070470 Tzetzes, John, active 12th century
n81125955 Ulpianus, Domitius, approximately 160-228
n81125955 Ulpianus, Domitius, approximately 160-228
no97048246 Ulpianus, rhetorician
no2006118513 Uranius, Johannes Baptista
nr95020709 Valerius Aedituus, active approximately 100 B.C.
nr95029635 Valerius Antias, Quintus, active 1st century B.C.
n84216357 Valerius Flaccus, Gaius, active 1st century
n84216357 Valerius Flaccus, Gaius, active 1st century
n82097560 Valerius Maximus
n82097560 Valerius Maximus
nr95021466 Valerius Soranus, Q. (Quintus), approximately 140 B.C.-82 B.C.
nr95021466 Valerius Soranus, Q. (Quintus), approximately 140 B.C.-82 B.C.
nr95037745 Valerius, L., active 53 B.C.
nr95016524 Valgius Rufus, C.
n83063496 Varius Rufus, Lucius
nr95022110 Varro Atacinus, P. Terentius (Publius Terentius), 82 B.C.-approximately 35 B.C.
n79060808 Varro, Marcus Terentius
nr96012176 Vatinius, Publius, active 59 B.C.-47 B.C.
n84238406 Vegetius Renatus, Flavius
nr95037749 Velius Longus, active 2nd century
nr95037749 Velius Longus, active 2nd century
n79041642 Velleius Paterculus, approximately 19 B.C.-approximately 30 A.D.
nr95037473 Veranius, active 1st century B.C.?
nr95037473 Veranius, active 1st century B.C.?
nr95021876 Verginius Rufus, L. (Lucius), 14-97
n92045025 Verrius Flaccus, Marcus
n92045025 Verrius Flaccus, Marcus
n85014253 Verus, Lucius Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 130-169
n85297348 Vettius Valens
n84740836 Vetus Testamentum Coptice
nr95040292 Vibius Crispus, Q. (Quintus), approximately 12-approximately 93
no2005060618 Vibius, Sequester, active 4th century-5th century
n79060714 Victorinus, Marius
n79014062 Virgil
n85215402 Vita Homeri
n79043913 Vitruvius Pollio
n79043913 Vitruvius Pollio
nr95021129 Volcacius Sedigitus, active 100 B.C.
nr95021127 Volumnius
n86120637 Walahfrid Strabo, 807?-849
n2011047900 Xenarchus (Of Seleucia), 75 B.C.-18 A.D.
n79136460 Xeno
nr97018863 Xenocrates, of Aphrodisias, active 1st century
n83319392 Xenocrates, of Chalcedon, approximately 396 B.C.-approximately 314 B.C.
n82105600 Xenophanes, approximately 570 B.C.-approximately 478 B.C.
n80036673 Xenophon
no2016042089 Xenophon (Comic poet), active approximately 400 B.C.
n80051712 Xenophon, of Ephesus
no2006112351 Zaleucus
n87885411 Zaleucus, active 650 B.C.
n81025952 Zeno, Saint, Bishop of Verona, -371
n50061829 Zeno, the Stoic
n86020791 Zenobius, active 2nd century
nr99040089 Zenobius, Saint, Bishop of Florence, -417?
no2014074173 Zenodotus, of Ephesus, approximately 325 B.C.-260 B.C.
n84094741 Zēnōn, ho Agreophōntos, -approximately 238 B.C.
n86017321 Zonaras, Joannes, active 12th century
n78036676 Zosimos, of Panopolis
n84169983 Zosimus
n91001037 Zosimus, Pope, -418