Database to clustermap

Let’s start with a brief summary: Each woman’s research interests are used to connect them to each other in a network. This network can be sorted into groups by network analysis algorithms. The terms from the research interests of the entries in these clusters are used to name those groups. The map reads the data for each woman as a point and arranges nearby points into pie charts with a color to represent each group.

Entries as text documents

WOAH entries describe real living women scholars. While some women have submitted themselves, the process is anonymous. WOAH staff double checks the data before entries go live, but some 15-250 words can hardly do justice to any scholar’s professional life. Just the same, there are recognizeable patterns and trends in the odd genre that is, ‘Research Interests:’.

Early attempts to render the WOAH database of research interests as a network ran into a problem because most of the entries were brief shared most of the same words. To increase the depth of contact between scholars, when graphed as a network of shared terms, the ‘Associated Subjects’ terms from each entry’s WorldCat Identities listing is appended to the ‘Research Interests:’ terms. These lists of words become the glue between entries for the network.

WOah is a work in progress, stay tuned for more 


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