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Rebecca SweetmanProfessor of Ancient History and ArchaeologyUniversity of St Andrews

Greek and Roman Archaeology. Roman and Late Antique Crete and the Peloponnese (especially Sparta). Art and Architecture including; Roman and Late Antique mosaics and architecture of Crete and Greece. Christianization of the Peloponnese. Religious architecture. The Cycladic islands in the Roman and Late Antique periods. Network analysis.

Caryn Tamber-RosenauInstructional Assistant Professor Jewish StudiesUniversity of Houston

Second Temple Judaism; women and gender in the Hebrew Bible and postbiblical literature; feminist/queer readings of the Bible; Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha; early Jewish interpretations of Scripture

Christine M. ThomasProfessorUC Santa Barbara

Archaeological theory, archaeology of Turkey, Ancient Mediterranean Religions

Rosalind ThomasFellowBalliol College Oxford

Herodotus, oral tradition, ancient medicine

Jessica TomkinsVisiting Assistant Professor of HistoryOglethorpe University

Egyptology, nascent states, power

Oya TopçuoğluAssistant ProfessorNorthwestern University

Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Mesopotamia, Mesopotamian art and archaeology, Anatolian archaeology, looting and illegal trafficking of antiquities, archaeology and politics in the Middle East, archaeology and politics in Turkey, social identity and cultural exchange, and the effects of political change and ideology on the material record of the ancient Middle East.

Kathryn TopperAssociate Professor of ClassicsUniversity of Washington

Greek art and archaeology, ancient painting, gender and sexuality in antiquity, banqueting in antiquity, word and image studies

https://classics.washington.edu/people/kathryn-topper; http://washington.academia.edu/KathrynTopper
Elena Torregaray PagolaProfessorUniversity of the Basque Country

Roman Republican History; Roman diplomacy, historiography

Laurence TotelinSenior LecturerCardiff University

History of Science, History of Medicine, History of Technology, Greek history, Roman History, Classics, History of gynaecology, History of pharmacology, History of botany, Gender history, Greek and Roman Science, Technology and Medicine. My work is influenced by gender theory, and I have a particular interest in gynaecological treatments, aphrodisiacs, and the properties of milk (especially breast-milk).

https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/people/view/73040-totelin-laurence; http://cardiff.academia.edu/LaurenceTotelin
Philippa TownsendChancellor's fellowUniversity of Edinburg

Early Christian identity formation; Race and ethnicity in the Greco-Roman world; Sacrifice in the Greco-Roman world; Non-canonical ('Gnostic') Christian texts and the construction of orthodoxy and heresy Greek philosophical traditions (especially Neoplatonism) and their relationship to early Christianity.

Susan TreggiariEmeritus Professor of Classics, Stanford University; Retired member of the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Roman social history, especially the family; the Ciceronian age.

Georgia TsouvalaAssociate ProfessorIllinois State University

Greek historiography, Plutarch, women's history, epigraphy

Sissel UndheimProfessorDepartment of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion, University of Bergen

Religion in the Roman Empire,
Roman religion
Church Fathers
Sacred virgins, virgin martyrs, male virgins
Gender, sexuality, asceticism and sanctity

Kristi Upson-SaiaProfessorOccidental College

Late Antiquity, Dress and Performativity, History of Religion, Medicine, and Disability (REMEDHE co-founder), NT Apocrypha, Melania(s), gender

Lela UrquhartAssistant ProfessorGeorgia State University

Greek archaeology, Greek and Phoenician colonization, and west Mediterranean history

Yulia UstinovaProfessorDepartment of General History, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Ancient Greek religion and its role within the society

Riet van BremenSenior LecturerUniversity College London

Hellenistic History, Greek Epigraphy, Asia Minor

Annewies van den HoekLecturerHarvard Divinity School

Late Antiquity and Early Christianity. Judaism

Henriette van der BlomSenior Lecturer in Ancient HistoryUniversity of Birmingham

Late Roman Republic; Roman oratory

Zsuzsa VarhelyiAssociate Professor of Classical StudiesBoston University

The social, political, cultural and religious history of the ancient Mediterranean with a focus on Late Republican Rome and the Roman Empire and questions of individuality and community in this period; Latin historiography and literature; theoretical and methodological questions related to writing history, including practice theory, embodiment and the study of gender; Latin epigraphy, prosopography, paleography, and archaeological, art historical and numismatic evidence for the Roman Empire; psychology and the history of trauma in the ancient world

Jacqueline VayntrubAssociate Professor of Hebrew BibleYale University

Hebrew Bible; Ancient Near East; Early Jewish Literature; Wisdom Literature; Poetry; Aesthetics; Poetics; Philology; Orality; Voice Studies; Prophecy; Political Theology; Epigraphy; Monumentality; History of the Self; History of Emotions; Medical Anthropology

https://hcommons.org/members/vayntrub; https://divinity.yale.edu/faculty-and-research/yds-faculty/jacqueline-vayntrub; https://renewedphilology.yale.edu/
Lavanya VemsaniProfessorShawnee State University

India, History; Asian Studies; Asian American Studies; World History; History of Religions; Asian Religions; Hinduism and Jainism; History of India; Gender Studies; Gandhi and Modern India.

Christina VidebechPhD candidateUniversity of Bergen

Archaeology, Rome, Late Antiquity

Marja VierrosAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Helsinki

Greek language and linguistics, Greek papyri, Greco-Roman Egypt, multilingualism, Digital Classics

Marijn VisscherPhD CandidateDurham University

Hellenistic Greek, Seleukid Empire

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