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Sheena FinniganAssistant Professor of History / PhD CandidateWisconsin Lutheran College / University of Wisconsin-Madison

Roman history, family and maternity, networks, material culture, reception studies

https://www.wlc.edu/faculty/sheena-finnigan/; https://history.wisc.edu/people/finnigan-sheena/
Sheila McGinnProfessorJohn Carroll University

Mediterranean World, Asia Minor, Roman Empire, North Africa, early Christianity, New Testament, Christian apocrypha, feminist hermeneutics, Augustine of Hippo, the development of the earliest churches (including “dissenting” movements) and of early Christian writings in their social and cultural environments. She also contributes to the scholarship on “engaged” methods of adult pedagogy. Church History, Dead Sea Scrolls, Early Christianity, Feminist Interpretation of the Bible, Gospels & The Historical Jesus, Pauline Studies, Social History of Early Christianity, Technology in Teaching.

http://sites.jcu.edu/trs/professor/sheila-e-mcginn-ph-d/; https://bibleacc2mcginn.wordpress.com/
Shelly MatthewsProfessor of New TestamentBrite Divinity School, Texas Christian University

Early Christianity, Feminist Historiography, New Testament World

Sherri BrownAssociate Professor of New TestamentCreighton University

Biblical Studies, Women in the World, Social Justice

Shulamit ShinnarPostdoctoral Core Faculty FellowColumbia University

Ancient Medicine, Cultural History of Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, Biblical Reception, Rabbinic Literature,

Shushma MalikSenior LecturerUniversity of Roehamphton

Roman imperial history, classical reception, historiography

Sian LewisSenior LecturerUniversity of St Andrews, UK

Ancient Animals, Tyranny, Greek Iconography, Ancient Media.

Silvia OrlandiAssociate ProfessorSapienza University of Rome

Latin Epigraphy
Roman History
History of Scholarship

Simona StoyanovaResearch FellowUniversity of Oxford

Greek epigraphy, Latin epigraphy, Palaeography, Digital Humanities

Siobhan McElduffAssociate ProfessorUniversity of British Columbia

the history and theory of ancient and modern translation
history of classical reception, especially among the non-elite of the 18th and 19th century
the history of the book
digital humanities

Sissel UndheimProfessorDepartment of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion, University of Bergen

Religion in the Roman Empire,
Roman religion
Church Fathers
Sacred virgins, virgin martyrs, male virgins
Gender, sexuality, asceticism and sanctity

Smitha Mandre-JacksonFounder & PrincipalMandre- Jackson Consulting

Gender equity and diversity, student equity, holustic dibersity and inclusion, dsta science and evifence based methrics to must myselks, intersectiobality and critucal race theory.

Sofie RemijsenAssistant professorUniversity of Amsterdam

Late Antiquity, papyri, sports and games, calenders, use of time

Soledad MilánProfessorUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid

Aegean Bronze Age, Greek Ancient History

Sonia ZakrzewskiAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Southampton

bioarchaeology, human remains, medicine, health, disease, disability, migration, race, Egypt, Iberia, Anglo-Saxon, skeletons, death, biological anthropology, race, human diversity and variability, and the study of the human body to understand aspects of migration and mobility, diet, identity, religious practice and social organisation in past populations.

https://www.southampton.ac.uk/archaeology/about/staff/srz.page; http://soton.academia.edu/SoniaZakrzewski
Sophie ChavarriaGraduate StudentUniversity of Kent

Tunisia, Roman pottery, Spain, Visigoths, fall of Rome, public history, swimming, Mediterranean, North Africa, ancient history, Roman Empire, Silk Road

Stephanie CobbProfessorUniversity of Richmond

Gender, women, martyrdom, masculinity, second century, Melania(s), early Christianity

Stephanie CravenLearning Specialist, Course Support & InsctructionUniversity of Texas at Austin

Hellenistic history, Greek epigraphy, Greek mercenaries and military history

https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/classics/faculty/spc485; https://utexas.academia.edu/StephanieCraven
Stephanie LarsonProfessor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean StudiesBucknell University

ancient and Byzantine Greek Thebes, ancient and Byzantine Boiotia, ancient Greek ethnicities and identities, Sappho, Herodotus, women's lives in the ancient world, epic

Stephanie BudinIndependent ScholarIndependent Scholar

ancient history, ancient Greece, ancient Near East, women's history, ancient sexuality, ancient prostitution, mythology, ancient religion, History, Ancient Near East, and Hebrew Bible

Susan ShapiroAssociate ProfessorUtah State University

Herodotus, Greek intellectual history, Catullus, classical reception.

Susan LapeProfessorUniversity of Southern California

"Research Specialties
Greek Drama, Law, Cultural History, Athenian Democracy"/
from https://dornsife.usc.edu/cf/faculty-and-staff/faculty./cfm?pid=1008191 on 8/24/17.

Susan StephensProfessorStanford University

Papyrology, "the political and social dimensions of Hellenistic literature (and its later reception) and ancient Greek fiction writing."
from https://classics.stanford.edu/people/susan-stephens on 8/24/17.

Susan RahyabGraduate studentColumbia University

Greco-Roman Egypt, archives, Ptolemaic and Roman administration, writing offices, documentary papyri, epistolary studies, censorship/damnatio memoriae.

Susan TreggiariEmeritus Professor of Classics, Stanford University; Retired member of the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Roman social history, especially the family; the Ciceronian age.

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