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Eva von DassowProfessor of Classical and Near Eastern Studies/HistoryUniversity of Minnesota

Social and political history of the Near East in the Late Bronze Age
Encoding Canaanite in cuneiform
Freedom, Rights, and Governance in the Ancient Near East

Lily VuongAssociate ProfessorCentral Washington University

Early Judaism; Early Christianity; Gender and Sexuality in Late Antiquity; Apocrypha

Katharina WaldnerProfessorUniversität Erfurt

Religionen des antiken Mittelmeerraums:

Polis-Religion und religiöser Pluralismus in der griechisch-römischen Kultur
Religion und philosophischer Diskurs
Religion in der Zweiten Sophistik

Methodologie und Forschungsgeschichte der Religionswissenschaft
Literatur und Religion
Gender Studies

Lisl WalshAssociate ProfessorBeloit College, WI

Historiography, gender and sexuality, history of self, theatre history

Erin WalshAssistant Professor of New Testament and Early Christian LiteratureThe University of Chicago Divinity School

New Testament Studies; Early Christianity; Late Antiquity and Early Byzantium; biblical interpretation and reception history; asceticism; Syriac language and literature; poetry; gender and sexuality; Christianity and Judaism in Late Antiquity

Philippa WaltonVisiting Research FellowUniversity of Reading

Roman numismatics & the Roman economy, Roman material culture, The Archaeology of the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire; Roman religion and votive deposition

Meredith WarrenSenior Lecturer in Ancient HistoryUniversity of Sheffield

Greece, Rome, Asia Minor Early, Judaism, Early Christianity, ancient Mediterranean religions, gospel of John, Revelation, apocalypse, ancient meal practice.

Kathryn WeberGraduate StudentCornell University

Georgia, South Caucasus, Bronze Age, prehistory, archaeology, animals, human-animal relationships, mobile pastoralism, political authority, social complexity, inequality, mobility, power and social Inequality, political and mortuary landscapes, Isotopes, Social Zooarchaeology

http://anthropology.cornell.edu/kathryn-weber; http://cornell.academia.edu/KathrynONeilWeber
Lindsey WeglarzProgram Coordinator, Graduate Enrollment InitiativesUniversity of Chicago

ancient Nubia, ancient Egypt, women, identity, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, statistical analysis, burial practices, cultural entanglement, colonization, archaeology, New Kingdom Egypt, Sudan, Egyptianization, acculturation

Erika WeibergResearcherUppsala University

Archaic and classical Greek poetry, especially epic and drama
Women, gender, and class in antiquity

Kathryn WelchAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Sydney

Republic to Empire, Appian, Pompeii, Topography of Rome

Heidi WendtAssistant Professor of Religions, Greco-Roman World, a joint appointment with the Department of History and Classical StudiesMcGill University

Religious developments of the Roman imperial period, with a focus on situating Jewish/Judean and Christian actors and phenomena in their Greco-Roman milieu.

https://www.mcgill.ca/classics/faculty/heidi-wendt; https://www.mcgill.ca/religiousstudies/heidi-wendt
Marlena WhitingResearcherUniversity of Mainz

Late Antique/Byzantine Near East; archaeology; social history; architecture of the 6th c. E Mediterranean,
epigraphy, graffiti, pilgrimage, travel, road networks, monasticism, women, lived religion.

Bronwen WickkiserProfessorWabash College

Classical Greek history, Greek religion and medicine, Augustan Rome

Julia WilkerAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Pennsylvania

Hellenistic and Roman Near East, Judaea, Jewish history, interstate relations, late classical Greece

Kate WilkinsonAssociate professorTowson University, US

Women in Early Christianity, female asceticism, gender and religious rhetoric, free will and theology. Feminist Historiography, Feminist Ethnography, Comparative Study of Religion.

Nadya WilliamsProfessorUniversity of West Georgia

Greek and Roman military history

Arden WilliamsSessional LecturerUniversity of British Columbia

• Greek social history; Late-Classical & Early Hellenistic Athens

• Women in the public & private world of Athens

• Greek epigraphy

• Economics of Cult; the leasing of sacred land in the Greek city-state

Christina WilliamsonSenior LecturerGroningen University

Hellenistic period, Asia Minor, sanctuaries

Serena WitzkeVisiting Assistant ProfessorWesleyan University, Classics Department

Roman comedy and elegy • Roman historians • Greek comedy • ancient sex and gender • classical reception

Alex WoodsSenior LecturerMacquarie University

Ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian visual culture, mortuary landscapes, social memory, art history and Old and Middle Kingdom studies, archaeology,

https://researchers.mq.edu.au/en/persons/alex-woods; https://mq.academia.edu/AlexandraWoods
Jessica WrightAssistant Professor of Classics and Medical HumanitiesUniversity of Texas at San Antonio

Late Antiquity; ancient medicine, science, and philosophy; early Christianity; history of the body; Classics and social justice

Liv Mariah YarrowProfessorBrooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY

Numismatics, Historiography, Late Republic, symbols and discourses of power

Florence YoonAssistant Professor of Greek Language and LiteratureUniversity of British Columbia

Mythology, Greek tragedy; silent figures, offstage figures, and the representation of the absent; anonymity and naming; the transformation of traditional mythical figures into unique literary characters

Robin Darling YoungAssociate ProfessorCatholic University of America

Melania(s), early Christianity, Syriac, Syriac Christianity, Armenian, Evagrius, monasticism, asceticism, women, gender

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