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Elizabeth PollardProfessorSan Diego State University

Witchcraft Accusation against Women in Imperial Rome; Comics & Classics; Mediterranean / Indian Ocean Interactions; Digital Humanities; World History

Kate WilkinsonAssociate professorTowson University, US

Women in Early Christianity, female asceticism, gender and religious rhetoric, free will and theology. Feminist Historiography, Feminist Ethnography, Comparative Study of Religion.

Cornelia HornProfessorMartin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

women in the early Church, children in late ancient Christianity, parental roles, family, late antiquity, asceticism, monasticism, hagiography, apocrypha, Syriac language and literature, Armenian language and literature, Georgian language and literature, Coptic, Ethiopic, Christian Arabic, women in the Christian Orient, Jesus and Mary in early Islamic traditions, transmission and reception history of apocryphal traditions in connection with Judaism and early Islam, intersections of hagiography and historiography, Palestine in late antiquity,

Aneilya BarnesProfessor of HistoryCoastal Carolina University

Women in the early church, material culture, topography, gender, late antiquity, Roman domestic space, Roman games, identity and empire, religion, Christianization of Rome

http://www.coastal.edu/academics/facultyprofiles/humanities/history/aneilyabarnes/; http://coastal.academia.edu/AneilyaBarnes
Judith HallettProfessor EmeritaUniversity of Maryland

women, sexuality and the family in ancient Greek and Roman society; and classical education and reception in the 19th and 20th century Anglophone world.

Ida Gilda MastrorosaProfessor associate of Roman HistoryDepartment SAGAS - University of Florence - Italy

Women's role in Roman Society - Motherwood in Late Antiquity - Representation of women in Roman Historiography - Romanization vs gender - Image of Roman Women through YouTube videos on Internet.

 Name Position Institutional Affiliation Research Interests Websites

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