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Amy RichlinProfessorUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Latin Literature, History of Sexuality, Feminist Theory

Amy RussellLecturer (Assistant Professor)Durham University

Political history, topography, Roman Republic and early empire

Ana Rodríguez MayorgasProfessor of Ancient HistoryUniversidad Complutense Madrid

Historiography, History, Ancient Intellectual life, Oral tradition, Rome (Empire), Writing, Written communication, Written communication--Social aspects

Andrea GatzkeAssociate ProfessorSUNY-New Paltz

Greek & Latin epigraphy, Roman social history and piracy, history of Asia Minor, Mithridates VI of Pontus

https://www3.newpaltz.edu/directory/profile/andreagatzke; http://newpaltz.academia.edu/AndreaGatzke
Andrea BrockLeverhulme Early Career FellowUniversity of St Andrews

I am an environmental archaeologist with particular expertise in historical ecology and palaeolandscape reconstruction. My current work integrates the literary record on early Rome with geoarchaeological evidence, in order to produce an environmental and topographical reconstruction of Rome’s river valley. I have been involved in several archaeological excavations and surveys, most recently in Rome. As director of the Forum Boarium Project, I have conducted a coring survey of the city’s original river harbour and harbour sanctuary. Among other findings, my research is revealing new insights on the role of environmental stress—in particular frequent flooding and rapid sedimentation in the river valley—on Rome’s urbanization process, as well as the scale of landscape change that occurred alongside urban development.

I also serve as Director of the Centre for Ancient Environmental Studies: https://caes.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/

Aneilya BarnesProfessor of HistoryCoastal Carolina University

Women in the early church, material culture, topography, gender, late antiquity, Roman domestic space, Roman games, identity and empire, religion, Christianization of Rome

http://www.coastal.edu/academics/facultyprofiles/humanities/history/aneilyabarnes/; http://coastal.academia.edu/AneilyaBarnes
Angela PittsProfessorUniversity of Mary Washington

Lyric Poetry, Greek and Latin literature, Mindfulness

Angela ZiskowskiAssociate ProfessorCoe College

Greek archaeology; Archaic Greece, polis formation, history of Corinth, pottery and iconography, identity and ethnicity

Anise K StrongAssociate ProfessorWestern Michigan University

Roman history, gender and sexuality, reception studies

Anisha SaxenaAssistant ProfessorOnondaga Community College

India, South Asia, Gender, Violence, Art History, Sacred Geography, Early Medieval Temples, Jainism, contested sacred spaces in India, specifically in Kutch, Udaipur, and Jodhpur.

Ann McGrathProfessorAustralian National University

Australia, North America. Gender, Colonialism, Intermarriage, Deep Human Past, Transnational, Indigenous History, Australia, Cherokee, Ancient Memory, Antiquity, Scale and History, Film making.

Anna ClarkAssociate ProfessorChrist Church, University of Oxford

Roman religion, Roman Republican history

Annalisa MarzanoProfessorUniversity of Reading, Department of Classics

Roman Economy; Roman Villas; Imperial Propaganda; Marine Resources, large-scale fishing, and aquaculture.

Anne M. FoleyProfessorQueen's University

Greek archaeology, greek history

Anne-Marie LuijendijkProfessorPrinceton University

A scholar of New Testament and Early Christianity and a papyrologist, she is interested in the social history of early Christianity, using both literary texts and documentary sources.

Anne-Valerie PontAssociate ProfessorSorbonne Universite

Roman Empire, Asia Minor, Roman government, Greek cities, epigraphy, monotheists

Annelies CazemierLecturer (Assistant Professor),University of Southampton

Greek East under Rome, Greek religion, ancient associations

http://www.southampton.ac.uk/history/about/staff/ac2d15.page; http://soton.academia.edu/AnneliesCazemier
Annette Yoshiko ReedProfessorNew York University

Second Temple Judaism, early Christianity, and Jewish/Christian relations in Late Antiquity.

Annewies van den HoekLecturerHarvard Divinity School

Late Antiquity and Early Christianity. Judaism

Annie BurmanPhDUniversity of Cambridge

Roman antiquarianism, Roman ethnic identity, ideology and rhetoric, ancient bilingualism, linguistic relations in ancient Italy.

http://cambridge.academia.edu/AnnieBurman; http://groups.ds.cam.ac.uk/celc/celc_members.html; https://twitter.com/anniecburman?lang=en
Anysia MerakosPhD CandidateUC Berkeley

I work chiefly on Late Antique intellectual history and the material culture of the later Roman Empire. My research focuses on the power of images and perceptions of piety and the body in Late Antique thought. I am primarily interested in manifestations of holiness in the bodies, portraits, and biographies of pagan and Christian holy men and women. I have recently developed an interest in the relationship between children and parents in Late Antiquity and the role of the family in Christian asceticism. Additional areas of interest include urban topography, the reception of classical texts (Homer especially) in the later Roman and Byzantine empires, and Greek folk culture.

April PudseySenior LecturerManchester Metropolitan University

Ancient demography and economy; Roman Egypt; Ancient childhood

April D. DeConickProfessorRice University

New Testament, Early Christian Literature, and Gnosticism

https://reli.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=74; http://aprildeconick.com/; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_DeConick
Arden WilliamsSessional LecturerUniversity of British Columbia

• Greek social history; Late-Classical & Early Hellenistic Athens

• Women in the public & private world of Athens

• Greek epigraphy

• Economics of Cult; the leasing of sacred land in the Greek city-state

Arietta PapaconstantinouAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Reading

Late antiquity
Early Islam
Economy and society
Ancient multilingualism
Greek epigraphy

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