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 Name Position Institutional Affiliation Research Interests Websites
Astrid D'EreditàArchaeologistThe Superior Institute for Conservation and Restoration (external collaborator)

Archaeology, Gender Archaeology, Roman History, Social Media, Public Archaeology, Museology

Aven McMasterAssociate ProfessorThorneloe University at Laurentian

Roman poetry, Roman social history, gift exchange & amicitia, gender & sexuality

Averil CameronEmerita ProfessorOxford University

Byzantine, late antique history, economic history

http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/averilcameron.html; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Averil_Cameron
Ayelet Haimson LushkovAssociate ProfessorUT-Austin

Roman political history during the Republic

Barbara ReevesAssociate ProfessorQueen's University

Roman archaeology, Near East, military, bath houses

Beate DignasFellow - Associate ProfessorSomerville College, University of Oxford

Asia Minor, religious history

http://www.some.ox.ac.uk/people/beate-dignas/; http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/beatedignas.html
Becky MartinAssociate Professor of Greek Art and ArchitectureBoston University

Greek and Phoenician art and archaeology; contact theory; identity

Beth Ann JudasAdjunct facultyUniversity of Pennsylvania

Middle and New Kingdom Egypt; Bronze Age Aegean; Keftiu; interconnections; trade; diplomacy; New Kingdom ceramics; Bronze Age Aegean ceramics; archaeology

Blanka MisicInstructorChamplain College

Roman religion and ritual, cognitive science of religion, cognition, emotion, Roman provincial archaeology, Roman Pannonia, Latin epigraphy.

Blossom StefaniwProfessorMF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society

Late Antiquity, Late Roman Rhetoric, Egyptian monasticism, gender/sexuality

Bronwen WickkiserProfessorWabash College

Classical Greek history, Greek religion and medicine, Augustan Rome

Caitlin GillespieAssistant ProfessorBrandeis University

Roman Historiography, Women in Antiquity (esp. the Imperial family), Latin Literature of the Early Empire

http://classics.columbia.edu/caitlin-gilespie/; https://columbia.academia.edu/CaitlinGillespie
Caitlyn BarrettAssociate ProfessorCornell University

Greco-Roman Egypt, Hellensitic Period, Egyptian and Classical archaeology

http://classics.cornell.edu/caitl%C3%ADn-eil%C3%ADs-barrett; http://cornell.academia.edu/Caitl%C3%ADnEBarrett
Candace RiceAssistant ProfessorBrown University

Mediterranean maritime trade and economic development during the Roman period, Mediterranean ports and harbours, Roman merchants and trading communities, and Roman villas (from pottery to mosaics).

Candida MossCadbury Professor of TheologyUniversity of Birmingham

martyrdom, early Christianity, resurrection, afterlife, disability in the ancient world, suffering, constructions of the self in antiquity

Carly MarisPhDUniversity of California, Riverside

Parades, Rome, Augustus, Scipio, West Asia, Palmyra, ethnicity, Ancient Medicine, history of diabetes, Roman Empire, Roman Triumph

Carol AtackDirector of Studies in Classics, Bye-fellow and assistant tutor, Newnham CollegeCambridge University

Classical Greek and Hellenistic political history, Greek political thought, Greek historiography

Caroline CheungAssistant ProfessorPrinceton

Roman archaeology and history

Caroline T. SchroederProfessorUniversity of Oklahoma

Late antique Christianity, Coptic studies, Digital Humanities, early Christianity, late antiquity, gender, sexuality, women, monasticism, asceticism, theory, material culture, Shenoute, Melania(s)

Carolyn HigbieProfessor EmeritaSUNY Buffalo

Ancient Greece – epic poetry, history, and historiography

Carolyn La RoccoPhD Student, TutorUniversity of St Andrews

Roman archaeology, Visigothic archaeology, ‘Christianisation’, material culture of identity

Carolynn RoncagliaAssociate ProfessorSanta Clara University

Roman history and material culture, Latin epigraphy, northern Italy

Caryn Tamber-RosenauInstructional Assistant Professor Jewish StudiesUniversity of Houston

Second Temple Judaism; women and gender in the Hebrew Bible and postbiblical literature; feminist/queer readings of the Bible; Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha; early Jewish interpretations of Scripture

Casey Dué HackneyProfessor of Classical Studies. Director, Program in Classical Studies. Executive Editor, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, D. C.University of Houston

(1) Homeric poetry (2) Greek oral traditions (3) Greek tragedy (4) textual criticism

Catharine EdwardsProfessor of Classics and Ancient HistoryBirkbeck College, University of London

My work focuses on the cultural history of the Roman world, particularly Rome in the late republic and early principate. The complex literary strategies of Roman texts (I have worked particularly on Seneca, Ovid and more recently Cicero) are an intrinsic part of that world’s fabric. I am interested in the ways in which conceptions of gender and other aspects of personal and social identity operate through, and are inflected by, language.

Another important strand in my research has been the reception of antiquity in later centuries, particularly the C19th, and how receptions of antiquity are implicated in strategies of cultural formation and self-construction (I have published on the reception of Rome in Gibbon, in Mme de Stael, T.B.Macaulay, Nathaniel Hawthorne and in C19th guidebooks, particularly the work of Augustus Hare).

 Name Position Institutional Affiliation Research Interests Websites

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