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 Name Position Institutional Affiliation Research Interests Websites
Kimberly Bauser McBrienVisiting Assistant ProfessorTrinity University

Early Christian literature, New Testament, noncanonical literature, Gospels, historical Jesus, social memory, Apocryphon of James, parody

Pinar DurgunVisiting Assistant Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient WorldJoukowsky Institute, Brown University

Archaeology of death and burial, ancient and modern cemeteries, objects and texts of death, Anatolian Archaeology, Near Eastern Archaeology, Aegean Archaeology, Experimental Archaeology, Archaeological Ceramics, Flint Knapping, World Prehistory and Human Evolution, Museums and Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Public Archaeology

Jessica TomkinsVisiting Assistant Professor of HistoryOglethorpe University

Egyptology, nascent states, power

Jane SancinitoVisiting Professor and Post-Doc FellowOberlin College

Roman History, Roman economy, numismatics, Ancient History, social history, Merchants, Parthia, 3rd century CE, ancient economic history, and ancient numismatics.

Philippa WaltonVisiting Research FellowUniversity of Reading

Roman numismatics & the Roman economy, Roman material culture, The Archaeology of the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire; Roman religion and votive deposition

Niki ClementsWatt & Lilly Jackson Assistant Professor of Biblical StudiesRice University

History of Catholic thought and practice, Christianity in late antiquity, asceticism and mysticism, religious ethics, philosophy of religion, theories and methods in the study of religion, religion, and science

 Name Position Institutional Affiliation Research Interests Websites

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