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Virginia LewisAssistant ProfessorFlorida State University

Greek literature, especially archaic Greek poetry, Pindar, and tragedy; Greek cultural history

Rebecca Stephens FalcasantosAssistant ProfessorAmherst College

Christianity in Late Antiquity, Religious Ritual in Late Antiquity, Landscape and Memory in Cult and Civic Architecture, Religious Diversity and Boundary-Construction in Late Antiquity, Pilgrimage and Relic Economies, Religion and Violence

Alyson RoyAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Idaho

My work focuses generally on the Roman Republic, Roman military history, and numismatics. I am working on my first book project, drawn from my dissertation, in which I trace a series of developments within Roman material culture that I argue are rooted in the triumph. In particular, I explore the circulation of plundered objects and purchased art symbolically linked to the triumph into and around the city of Rome through first the triumphal parade and then through display in public spaces and in private homes. I then trace the dissemination of triumphal imagery in the form of trophies, inscriptions, and coins into the provinces as part of a material expression of Roman power and as an ongoing part of the processes of conquest.

Helen DixonAssistant ProfessorECU

Phoenicia, Phoenician language, ancient Lebanon, ancient Syria, Iron Age archaeology, Near Eastern history, Near Eastern inscriptions, Phoenician history, Phoenician religion, antiquities trade, Levantine archaeology, Middle Eastern history, Mediterranean history, first millennium BCE,

Elizabeth FaganAssistant ProfessorVirginia Commonwealth University

ancient Mediterranean history, Armenia, Roman history, archaeology, eastern Mediterranean, epigraphy, numismatics, South Caucasus,

Lindsey MazurekAssistant ProfessorIndiana University

Ancient Greek and Roman history, material culture, orientalism, Egyptian cults, social history, Mediterranean Studies, concepts of ethnicity, religious identity, and foreignness from a material culture perspective, classical archaeology, classical civilization, ancient sculpture, migration studies

http://uoregon.academia.edu/LindseyMazurek; https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsey-mazurek-1174982a
Helen RocheAssistant ProfessorDurham University

Germany, Austria, Italy, National Socialism, fascism, Nazi Germany, Third Reich, elite schools, oral history, education history, classical reception, philhellenism, Napola, Prussia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sparta, German history from the nineteenth century onwards; National Socialism; Fascism, Austrian history during the inter-war period; comparative fascism studies, History of childhood and history of education, especially German elite education, Youth exchange during the twentieth century; Anglo-German relations, History and memory in post-war Germany, Classical reception in general, and German philhellenism in particular, Greco-German relations from the eighteenth century to the present, Humanistic education in Nazi Germany, Historical and historiographical work on elements of ancient Greek history.

Anisha SaxenaAssistant ProfessorOnondaga Community College

India, South Asia, Gender, Violence, Art History, Sacred Geography, Early Medieval Temples, Jainism, contested sacred spaces in India, specifically in Kutch, Udaipur, and Jodhpur.

Katie Stringer ClaryAssistant ProfessorCoastal Carolina University

public history, museums, accessibility, access, inclusion, human remains, cultural heritage, museum history, museum ethics, south carolina, ancient world, egypt,

Oya TopçuoğluAssistant ProfessorNorthwestern University

Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Mesopotamia, Mesopotamian art and archaeology, Anatolian archaeology, looting and illegal trafficking of antiquities, archaeology and politics in the Middle East, archaeology and politics in Turkey, social identity and cultural exchange, and the effects of political change and ideology on the material record of the ancient Middle East.

Catherine BoneshoAssistant ProfessorUniversity of California, Los Angeles

Early Judaism, Late Antiquity, Classical Rabbinic Literature, Aramaic, Palmyra, and Festivals

Chelsea GardnerAssistant ProfessorAcadia University

Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, Digital Humanities, Cultural Identity, Women in Antiquity, Early Travellers, Animals in the Ancient World, Greek Archaeology, Ancient Lakonia, Ancient Greece, Regional Identity, Epigraphy

Candace RiceAssistant ProfessorBrown University

Mediterranean maritime trade and economic development during the Roman period, Mediterranean ports and harbours, Roman merchants and trading communities, and Roman villas (from pottery to mosaics).

Melissa FunkeAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Winnipeg

Greek tragic fragments, gender and sexuality in antiquity, Greek literature of the Roman Empire, Greek colour terminology

Linda GosnerAssistant ProfessorTexas Tech University

Roman archaeology and history; ancient technology and production; Archaeology of the Roman Provinces; environmental history; Roman economy; migration and mobility; labor; rural and industrial landscapes; Roman Iberia; Roman Egypt; archaeological method and theory

Shaily PatelAssistant ProfessorVirginia Tech, Department of Religion and Culture

Early Christianity • Graeco-Roman Religions • Magic in Antiquity • Critical Theory • Ideological Criticism

Jane SancinitoAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell

Roman social history, Roman economic history, ancient merchants, ancient numismatics

Megan NutzmanAssistant ProfessorOld Dominion University

Roman and late antique Palestine, magic, Greek and Roman religion

Kim BeerdenAssistant Professor (Lecturer)Leiden University

Greek religion, divination, history of food and foodways

Katerina PanagopoulouAssistant Professor in Ancient HistoryUniversity of Crete

Ancient economy, precious metals in antiquity, ancient numismatics, demography, politics and economy of Hellenistic and Roman Macedonia, Social Network Analysis and economic history, social history of the Hellenistic and Roman periods

Robyn Le BlancAssistant Professor of Classical StudiesUNC Greensboro

Roman provincial archaeology, numismatics, mythology, religion, Roman and Hellenistic Near East

Jessica WrightAssistant Professor of Classics and Medical HumanitiesUniversity of Texas at San Antonio

Late Antiquity; ancient medicine, science, and philosophy; early Christianity; history of the body; Classics and social justice

Florence YoonAssistant Professor of Greek Language and LiteratureUniversity of British Columbia

Mythology, Greek tragedy; silent figures, offstage figures, and the representation of the absent; anonymity and naming; the transformation of traditional mythical figures into unique literary characters

Sheena FinniganAssistant Professor of History / PhD CandidateWisconsin Lutheran College / University of Wisconsin-Madison

Roman history, family and maternity, networks, material culture, reception studies

https://www.wlc.edu/faculty/sheena-finnigan/; https://history.wisc.edu/people/finnigan-sheena/
Krista DaltonAssistant Professor of Judaic TraditionsKenyon College

ancient Judaism; Roman imperial history; Syria Palaestina; economy; charity; money; religious studies; hebrew bible

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