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Niki ClementsWatt & Lilly Jackson Assistant Professor of Biblical StudiesRice University

History of Catholic thought and practice, Christianity in late antiquity, asceticism and mysticism, religious ethics, philosophy of religion, theories and methods in the study of religion, religion, and science

Philippa WaltonVisiting Research FellowUniversity of Reading

Roman numismatics & the Roman economy, Roman material culture, The Archaeology of the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire; Roman religion and votive deposition

Jane SancinitoVisiting Professor and Post-Doc FellowOberlin College

Roman History, Roman economy, numismatics, Ancient History, social history, Merchants, Parthia, 3rd century CE, ancient economic history, and ancient numismatics.

Jessica TomkinsVisiting Assistant Professor of HistoryOglethorpe University

Egyptology, nascent states, power

Pinar DurgunVisiting Assistant Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient WorldJoukowsky Institute, Brown University

Archaeology of death and burial, ancient and modern cemeteries, objects and texts of death, Anatolian Archaeology, Near Eastern Archaeology, Aegean Archaeology, Experimental Archaeology, Archaeological Ceramics, Flint Knapping, World Prehistory and Human Evolution, Museums and Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Public Archaeology

Midori HartmanVisiting Assistant ProfessorAlbright College

Late Antiquity, slavery, animality, Augustine

Serena WitzkeVisiting Assistant ProfessorWesleyan University, Classics Department

Roman comedy and elegy • Roman historians • Greek comedy • ancient sex and gender • classical reception

Kimberly Bauser McBrienVisiting Assistant ProfessorTrinity University

Early Christian literature, New Testament, noncanonical literature, Gospels, historical Jesus, social memory, Apocryphon of James, parody

Shana ZaiaUniversitätsassistentin (Assistant Professor)University of Vienna

Assyriology, Ancient Near East, Neo-Assyrian Period, State Religion, Ancient Iraq, Polytheism, Mesopotamia, Empire, Official Ideology, Religious History, Ancient Urbanism, Modern Reception of Ancient History

Peta GreenfieldTutorSydney University

Ancient Rome
Late Republic
Early Principate
Augustus and the Caesars
Vestal Virgins
Roman Women
Roman Politics
Roman Religion

https://partialhistorians.com/; http://sydney.academia.edu/PetaGreenfield
Elena Muniz GrijalvoTitular ProfessorUniversidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla

1) Las religiones en el Imperio Romano, especialmente en el Mediterráneo oriental, con interés particular en el cambio religioso, en el estudio de las emociones en el ritual y en la descripción de ritos propios y ajenos desde la perspectiva de la propia identidad religiosa.

2) La utilización del legado intelectual clásico en época moderna y contemporánea: las ideas políticas griegas y romanas como argumento de autoridad para entender y justificar el presente en diferentes épocas de la Historia; la distorsión de las religiones grecorromanas en la obra de los Padres de la Iglesia y en el cristianismo de época moderna (catolicismo y protestantismo).

Chantal GabrielliTemporary Lecturer in Latin EpigraphyUniversity of Florence

Economic and Social History of Rome
Prosopography and Historiography of Roman Hispania
Historiography of Late Republic
Latin Epigraphy of Roman Etruria.

Fiona MitchellTeaching FellowUniversity of Birmingham

ancient Greece, ancient literature (Reading Antiquity) and iconography (Classical Mythology and Art), ancient Greek literature and myth, and their interaction with other cultures in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. I am developing a project on the interactions between ancient Greek creation narratives and those found in ancient Indian sources.

Emma BridgesStaff Tutor/LecturerOpen University

Cultural responses to the Persian Wards, Ancient and modern literary and artistic responses to armed conflict

Susanna ElmSidney H. Ehrman ProfessorUC-Berkeley

Roman Empire, social, economic, legal, cultural history, Augustine, slavery, masculinities, dress, imperial representation, war, ethnicities.

Arden WilliamsSessional LecturerUniversity of British Columbia

• Greek social history; Late-Classical & Early Hellenistic Athens

• Women in the public & private world of Athens

• Greek epigraphy

• Economics of Cult; the leasing of sacred land in the Greek city-state

Jane CahillSenior Scholar (Associate Professor)University of Winnipeg

Mythology, storytelling, Classical folklore, etymology

Kim RichterSenior Research SpecialistGetty Research Institue

Mexico, Pre-Columbian art, Huastec art, Mesoamerican manuscripts, women in Pre-Columbian art, interregional artistic connections, collecting Pre-Columbian art,

http://getty.academia.edu/KimRichter; https://www.linkedin.com/in/kim-richter-679aa126
Agiatis BenardouSenior Research Associate, Digital Curation UnitAthena Research Center, Greece

Social and Economic history of the Corinthia, Classical Greece.

Mallory Monaco CaterineSenior ProfessorTulane University

Greek historiography; Greek cultural history; Hellenistic and Imperial Greece; Plutarch

Rebecca FlemmingSenior Lecturer; FellowJesus College, Cambridge

Gender studies, Ancient Medicine

http://www.classics.cam.ac.uk/directory/rebecca-flemming; https://www.jesus.cam.ac.uk/people/rebecca-flemming; http://www.reproduction.group.cam.ac.uk/team/
Amelia BrownSenior lecturer, Senior Research FellowUniversity of Queensland

Greek Religion and Identity, Maritime History

https://hapi.uq.edu.au/profile/333/amelia-brown; http://uq.academia.edu/ABrown
Irene PolinskayaSenior Lecturer in Greek HistoryKing's College London

Greek epigraphy, the Black Sea, Aigina, Greek religion

Henriette van der BlomSenior Lecturer in Ancient HistoryUniversity of Birmingham

Late Roman Republic; Roman oratory

Meredith WarrenSenior Lecturer in Ancient HistoryUniversity of Sheffield

Greece, Rome, Asia Minor Early, Judaism, Early Christianity, ancient Mediterranean religions, gospel of John, Revelation, apocalypse, ancient meal practice.

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