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Heather Hunter-CrawleyIndependent Scholar

Religous art and material culture in Roman and Late Antiquity

Saskia RoselaarIndependent Scholar

Roman socio-economic history, Roman law, identity & integration in the Roman world

https://sites.google.com/site/romanrepublicresearch/home; https://leidenuni.academia.edu/SaskiaRoselaar
Cristina CumboPhD in Early Christian Archaeology

Early Christian Iconography; The so-called gammadies; Early Christian symbolism; Early Christian cemeteries and their topography; Early Jewish and Coptic textiles; Early Christian and Classic Epigraphy; Protection of the Cultural Heritage

Virginia CampbellIndependent Scholar

Pompeii, epigraphy and graffiti, literacy, tombs, Roman history, archaeology, Roman art & architecture, politics & elections.

Alicia ColsonIndependent Researcher

I am an archaeologist and a ethnohistorian with a long standing research interest in the digital humanities and computing. I've undertaken extensive fieldwork in Canada, the UK, US, and Antigua. I'm currently developing projects in various places globally with colleagues, finishing a manuscript on the past, present and future of higher education in the US, and writing articles on various topics in archaeology and ethnohistory.

Sarah ShectmanIndependent Researcher

Hebrew Bible
Women in the Bible
Women in ancient Israel
Women in priestly families
Marriage in the Bible
Divorce in the Bible
Composition history

Susan TreggiariEmeritus Professor of Classics, Stanford University; Retired member of the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Roman social history, especially the family; the Ciceronian age.

Eva-Marie BeckerProfessorAarhus University

Gospel studies: Gospel of Mark and Ancient Historiography; Pauline epistolography: Second Corinthians, Philippians; early Christian literary history: Ben Sira and Early Jewish Literature; Hermeneutics

Orietta CordovanaAssociate Professor, Co-fund Senior FellowAarhus University

Ancient Rome, North Africa, imperialism, frontiers, politics, socioeconomic history, cultural history, western provinces, environmental history, consensus

Rubina RajaProfessor of Classical ArchaeologyAarhus University, School of Culture and Society

Rubina Raja is professor of Classical Archaeology and centre leader of The Danish National Research Foundation's Center of Excellence for Urban Network Evolutions. Raja's fields of interest include urban development and networks, ancient iconography, roman period portrait studies, field archaeology and the intersection between cultural history and natural science methods. Urban development and culture; the eastern Roman provinces and Levant; Hellenistic to early Medieval periods; religious identities; field archaeology; archaeology and natural science methods.

Chelsea GardnerAssistant ProfessorAcadia University

Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, Digital Humanities, Cultural Identity, Women in Antiquity, Early Travellers, Animals in the Ancient World, Greek Archaeology, Ancient Lakonia, Ancient Greece, Regional Identity, Epigraphy

Midori HartmanVisiting Assistant ProfessorAlbright College

Late Antiquity, slavery, animality, Augustine

Lyn KidsonLecturerAlphacrucis College

New Testament, early church history, gender and sexuality, rhetoric and epistolary studies, intellectual and cultural history of Roman Asia Minor, numismatics (Roman Imperial)

Sarah RousProject EditorAmerica School of Classica Studies at Athens

Greek and Roman archaeology, upcycling, social memory

Julia ShearSenior Associate Member; CHS Fellow in Hellenic StudiesAmerican School of Classical Studies at Athens; Harvard University

Ancient Greek history and classical archaeology; ancient Greek religion and epigraphy; ancient Athens, democracy, identity, and memory.

http://hist.boun.edu.tr/content/julia-shear-0; http://boun.academia.edu/JuliaLShear
Jeanette NicewinterAdjunct Professorial LecturerAmerican University

Peru, Mexico, Art, Latin America, Peru, Pre-Columbian, Cajamarca, Empires, Inka, Colonialism, Spain, Mesoamerica, Mexica, Ceramics, Textiles, Native American Art, fineware ceramics and painted imagery from the Cajamarca culture as indicative of the Cajamarca’s cultural identity.

https://www.american.edu/cas/faculty/jnicewin.cfm; https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanette-nicewinter-5b6a6842
Rebecca Stephens FalcasantosAssistant ProfessorAmherst College

Christianity in Late Antiquity, Religious Ritual in Late Antiquity, Landscape and Memory in Cult and Civic Architecture, Religious Diversity and Boundary-Construction in Late Antiquity, Pilgrimage and Relic Economies, Religion and Violence

Mali SkotheimAssistant ProfessorAshoka University

Greek epigraphy in the Roman era, social history, festival culture, Greek drama

Agiatis BenardouSenior Research Associate, Digital Curation UnitAthena Research Center, Greece

Social and Economic history of the Corinthia, Classical Greece.

Greta HawesSenior LecturerAustralian National University

Myth and Landscape

https://researchers.anu.edu.au/researchers/hawes-gh; http://anu-au.academia.edu/GretaHawes
Ann McGrathProfessorAustralian National University

Australia, North America. Gender, Colonialism, Intermarriage, Deep Human Past, Transnational, Indigenous History, Australia, Cherokee, Ancient Memory, Antiquity, Scale and History, Film making.

Rosalind ThomasFellowBalliol College Oxford

Herodotus, oral tradition, ancient medicine

Elizabeth CastelliProfessorBarnard College

Reception Histories of Early Christian Texts, Gender, Sexuality, Violence, Martyrdom, women, early Christianity, theory, Melania(s)

https://barnard.edu/profiles/elizabeth-castelli; http://barnard.academia.edu/ElizabethCastelli
Kristina MilnorProfessorBarnard College

Roman Social history

Marijana RiclProfessorBelgrade University, Faculty of Philisophy

Greek history, Greek epigraphy, Anatolian cults

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