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Name Beth Ann Judas
Position Adjunct faculty
Institutional Affiliation University of Pennsylvania
Latitude 39.9522188
Longitude -75.1954024
Research Interests

Middle and New Kingdom Egypt; Bronze Age Aegean; Keftiu; interconnections; trade; diplomacy; New Kingdom ceramics; Bronze Age Aegean ceramics; archaeology

Websites http://upenn.academia.edu/BethAnnJudas

Dissertation: Late Bronze Age Aegean ceramics in the Nile Valley: An analysis of idea and practice represented in the archaeological record. University of Pennsylvania, 2010.
""Keftiu and Griffins: An Exploration of the Liminal in the Egyptian Worldview."" In Current Research in Egyptology 2014: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Symposium, vol. 15, p. 123. Oxbow Books, 2015.
""Mingle with the Courtiers"": The Concept of a ""Good"" Foreigner in New Kingdom Egypt"" in Identity and Connectivity: Proceedings of the 16th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, Florence (Italy), 1st-3rd March, 2012. Luca Bombardieri, Anacleto D’Agostino, Guido Guarducci, Valentina Orsi, and Stefano Valentini, eds. BAR Series 2581 (1). Oxford, Archaeopress, pp. 527-536. Vol. I.

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