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Name Jennifer Barry
Position Associate Professor
Institutional Affiliation University of Mary Washington
Latitude 38.2996
Longitude -77.4714
Research Interests

Late Antiquity, Clerical Exile, Gender/Sexuality, Orthodoxy and Heresy

Department Affiliation no2010044534
Websites http://www.umw.edu/directory/employee/jennifer-barry-jbarry/; http://umw.academia.edu/JenniferBarry

Bishops in Flight: Exilic Discourse in Late Antiquity — in revision
“Heroic Bishops: Hilary of Poitiers’s exilic discourse” Vigiliae Christianae vol. 70 (Fall 2016): 1-20.
“Diagnosing heresy in Ps.-Martyrius’s Funerary Speech in Praise of the Holy John Chrysostom” Journal of Early Christian Studies vol. 24.3 (Fall 2016)
“Receptions of Exile: Athanasius of Alexandria’s legacy,” in Clerical Exile in Late Antique ed. Julia Hillner, Joerg Ulrich, and Jakob Engberg (Peter Lang Publishing, 2016)
“Canaan in Late Antiquity, ” (forthcoming), in Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity
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