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Name Christine Morris
Position Andrew A. David Senior Lecturer in Greek Archaeology and History
Institutional Affiliation Trinity College Dublin
Latitude 53.3444
Longitude -6.2577
Research Interests

Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age

Websites https://www.tcd.ie/Classics/staff/cmorris.php

Selected Publications

'Thoroughly Modern Minoans: Women and Goddesses between Europe and the Orient', in Liv Helga Dommasnes, Tove Hjørungdal, Sandra Montón-Subías, Margarita Sánchez Romero and Nancy L. Wicker (eds), Situating Gender in European Archaeologies (Budapest 2010) 83-92.
'The Iconography of the bared breast in Aegean Bronze Age art', in K. Kopaka (ed.), FYLO. Engendering Prehistoric 'Stratigraphies' in the Aegean and the Mediterranean (Liège 2009),243-9
'Configuring the Individual: Bodies of figurines in Minoan Crete' in Anna Lucia D'Agata, Aleydis Van De Moortel (eds), Archaeologies of Cult: Essays on Ritual and Cult in Crete in Honor of Geraldine C. Gesell. Hesperia Supplement 42 (Princeton 2009) 180-7.
'Design Element Analysis of Mycenaean chariot kraters', in E. Rystedt and B. Wells (eds), Pictorial Pursuits: Figurative painting on Mycenaean and Geometric Pottery, Athens, Greece, Dec. 1999 (Stockholm, 2007) 97-106.
'Animals into Art in the Ancient World' in Linda Kalof (ed.), Cultural History of Animals, Vol I In Antiquity (Oxford 2007) 175 -198.
(with J.V. Luce, Christina Souyoudzoglou-Haywood) eds, The Lure of Greece. Irish Involvement in Greek Culture, Literature, History and Politics (Hinds, Dublin, 2007).
Colin Renfrew, co-editors, Neil Brodie, Christine Morris, Chris Scarre, Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos 1974-77 (London, British School at Athens, 2007).
(with A.A.D. Peatfield), 'Experiencing Ritual: shamanic elements in Minoan religion', in M. Wedde (ed.), Celebrations. Sanctuaries and the Vestiges of Cult Activity (Bergen 2006) 35-59.
'""Art makes visible"": an archaeology of the senses in Minoan elite art', in Neil Brodie and Catherine Hills (eds) Material Engagements: Studies in honour of Colin Renfrew., (Cambridge 2004) 31-43.
(with A.A.D. Peatfield), 'Feeling through the body: gesture in Cretan Bronze Age Religion', in Y. Hamilakis, M. Pluciennik, S. Tarlow (eds), Thinking through the Body: Archaeologies of Corporeality, Lampeter (New York 2001) 105-20.
(with V. Karageorghis) eds, Defensive Settlements of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean c. 1200 BC. Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies, Trinity College Dublin & Leventis Foundation (Nicosia 2001).
(with L. Goodison) eds, Ancient Goddesses: the Myths and Evidence (London 1998).
(ed) Klados. Essays in honour of J.N. Coldstream. Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, Supplement 63 (London 1995). 'Hands up for the individual: The role of attribution studies in Aegean prehistory', Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 3, 1993, 41-66.

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