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Name Saskia Roselaar
Position Independent Scholar
Research Interests

Roman socio-economic history, Roman law, identity & integration in the Roman world

Websites https://sites.google.com/site/romanrepublicresearch/home; https://leidenuni.academia.edu/SaskiaRoselaar


Published July 2015:
Saskia T. Roselaar (ed.), Processes of Cultural Change and Integration in the Roman World (Leiden and Boston: Brill),

Published May 2012:
Saskia T. Roselaar (ed.), Processes of Integration and Identity Formation in the Roman Republic (Leiden and Boston: Brill), hardback, €133.

Published July 2010:
Saskia T. Roselaar: Public Land in the Roman Republic. A Social and Economic History of Ager Publicus in Italy, 396-89 BC
Oxford (Oxford University Press), hardback, £ 75.
380 pages | 15 in-text illustrations | 216x138mm
ISBN 978-0-19-957723-1

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