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Name Caroline T. Schroeder
Position Professor
Institutional Affiliation University of Oklahoma
Research Interests

Late antique Christianity, Coptic studies, Digital Humanities, early Christianity, late antiquity, gender, sexuality, women, monasticism, asceticism, theory, material culture, Shenoute, Melania(s)


Monastic Bodies: Discipline and Salvation in Shenoute of Atripe. Divinations: Rereading Late Ancient Religion Series. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007.

Amir Zeldes & Caroline T. Schroeder, "Computational Methods for Coptic: Developing and Using Part-of-Speech Tagging for Digital Scholarship in the Humanities," Digital Studies in the Humanities 30, suppl 1 (2015): i164-176; available free and open access online

“An Early Monastic Rule Fragment from the Monastery of Shenoute,” Le Muséon 127 (2014): 19-39

"Women in Anchoritic and Semi-Anchoritic Monasticism in Egypt: Rethinking the Landscape," Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture 83 (2014): 1-17. (link to journal) WINNER of the Jane Dempsey Douglass Prize in 2015

"Child Sacrifice in Egyptian Monastic Culture: from Familial Renunciation to Jephthah's Lost Daughter," Journal of Early Christian Studies 20 (2012): 269-30

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"Shenoute of Atripe on the Resurrection," ARC 33 (2005): 123–37

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"Francia as Christendom: The Merovingian Vita Domnae Balthildis," Medieval Encounters 4 (1998): 265-284.

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