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Name Blossom Stefaniw
Position Professor
Institutional Affiliation MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society
Research Interests

Late Antiquity, Late Roman Rhetoric, Egyptian monasticism, gender/sexuality



Mind, Text, and Commentary: noetic exegesis in Origen of Alexandria, Didymus the Blind, and Evagrius Ponticus. David Brakke, Anders-Christian Jacobsen and Jörg Ulrich eds. Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity, vol. 6. Peter Lang, 2010.
peer-reviewed articles

‘Straight Reading: Shame and the Normal in Epiphanius' Polemic against Origen’ Journal of Early Christian Studies 21.3 (2013): 413-435.
‘Exegetical Curricula in Origen, Didymus, and Evagrius: Pedagogical Agenda and the Case for Neoplatonist Influence’, Procedings of the 15th International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 2007, Studia Patristica XLIV (2010): 281-294.
‘Becoming Men, Staying Women: Gender Ambivalence in Christian Apocryphal Texts and Contexts’, Feminist Theology 18.3 (2010): 341-355.
‘Reading Revelation: Allegorical Exegesis in Late Antique Alexandria’, Revue de l'histoire des religions, 224.2 (2007): 231-251.
‘Evagrius Ponticus on Image and Material’, Cistercian Studies Quarterly, 42.2 (2007): 125-135. ‘Spiritual Friendship and Bridal Mysticism in an Age of Affectivity’, Cistercian Studies Quarterly, 41.1 (2006): 65-78.
Beiträge zu Tagungsbänden

‘Gregory Taught, Gregory Written: the effacement and definition of individualization in the Address to Origen and the Life of Gregory the Wonderworker’ in Reflections on Religious Individuality, Jörg Rüpke and Wolfgang Spickermann, eds. de Gruyter, 2012, pp. 119-144.
Beiträge zu Handbüchern und Lexika

‘Athanasius und Serapion von Thmuis’, ‘Epistula ad Monachos’, ‘Epistula ad Serapionem de morte Arii’, ‘Schriften zur Pneumatologie: Epistulae ad Serapionem 1-4’ in Das Athanasius Handbuch, hrsg. Peter Gemeinhardt, Theologen Handbücher, Mohr Siebeck, 2011.

The Gendered Palimpsest: Women, Writing, and Representation in Early Christianity. Kim Haines-Eitzen (Oxford University Press: 2012) in Journal of Early Christian Studies 21.2 (2013) (im Druck).
Christ Meets Me Everywhere: Augustine's Early Figurative Exegesis. Michael Cameron. Oxford Studies in Historical Theology (Oxford University Press, 2012) in Review of Biblical Literature (online Januar 2013).
Biblia Coptica: Die koptischen Bibeltexte. Vollständiges Verzeichnis mit Standorten. Band 4/Lieferung 4: sa 721-780. Hrsg. Karlheinz Schüssler. (Harrasowitz Verlag: 2011) in Review of Biblical Literature (online Dezember 2013).
Paul, the Corinthians and the Birth of Christian Hermeneutics von Margaret M. Mitchell. (Cambridge University Press, 2010) in Journal of Early Christian Studies 20.1 (2012): 172-174.

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