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Name Sarah Rous
Position Project Editor
Institutional Affiliation America School of Classica Studies at Athens
Research Interests

Greek and Roman archaeology, upcycling, social memory


“Upcycling as a New Methodological Approach to Reuse in Greek Architecture,” in New Directions and
Paradigms for the Study of Greek Architecture: Interdisciplinary Dialogues in the Field, edited by P. Sapirstein and D.
Scahill [forthcoming]
“Homo sum: John Adams, Classicist, Humanist, and Grandfather, Reads Terence.” [under consideration]
“Architectural Elements” (with William Aylward). In Excavations at Zeugma, Vol. 1, edited by W. Aylward, 124–
148. Los Altos, CA: The Packard Humanities Institute, 2013.
“The Birth and Rebirth of Venus from Antiquity to the Renaissance.” Illumination: the Undergraduate Journal of
Humanities Spring 2007: 34–39.
Robert Garland, Athens Burning: The Persian Invasion of Greece and the Evacuation of Attica. Baltimore: Johns
Hopkins University Press, 2017. BMCR 2017.04.42. "
from http://arthistory.rice.edu/sites/default/files/faculty/Rous%20CV%202017.pdf on 7-7-17.

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