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Name Giovanna Ceserani
Position Associate Professor of Classics
Institutional Affiliation Stanford University
Latitude 37.4278015
Longitude -122.17005770000003
Research Interests

Intellectual history of classical scholarship, historiography and archaeology from the eighteenth century onwards

Websites https://classics.stanford.edu/people/giovanna-ceserani

Italy’s Lost Greece: Magna Graecia and the making of modern archaeology, Oxford University Press,
forthcoming June 2011.
G. Ceserani and A. Milanese eds., Antiquarianism, Museums and Cultural Heritage: collecting and its
contexts in eighteenth-century Naples, special issue for the Journal of the History of Collections 19:2,
ongoing projects:
Greece Rising: Shaping Modern Histories of the Greek Past in the Eighteenth Century, book project in
Ancient Greece in the Modern west: an anthology, in preparation.
Owning the Past: modern travels and ancient objects, edited book project in preparation.
‘Digital Humanities and the eighteenth-century Grand Tour’ paper proposal in preparation for American
Historical Review Electronic Projects
‘Review essay on histories of archaeology and Romanticism’ in preparation for History and Theory.
‘Thucydides in the long eighteenth century’ in preparation for N. Morley ed., Handbook to the Reception
of Thucydides under contract for Wiley-Blackwell.
‘Antiquarianism in Eighteenth-Century Europe’ in preparation for A. Schnapp ed., A comparative history
of antiquarianism under contract for Getty Publications.
‘Modern Histories of Ancient Greece: genealogies, contexts and eighteenth-century narrative histories’ in
A. Lianeri ed., The Western Time of Ancient History: Historiographical Encounters with the Greek and
Roman Pasts forthcoming for Cambridge University Press: Cambridge UK, available at
‘Classical Culture for a Classical Country: Vincenzo Cuoco and the Greek past in modern Italy’ in S.
Stephens and P. Vasunia eds., Classics and National Cultures, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2010)
‘The provenance of Greek painted vases: disciplinary debates and modern identities in the early
nineteenth century’ in Sofia Voutsaki and Paul Cartledge eds., Ancient Monuments and Modern
Identities: The history of archaeology in 19th and 20th century Greece, in press with Ashgate. Also
translated as ‘La procedencia de los jarrones pintados griegos: debates profesionales e identidades
modernas a principios del siglo XIX’ in C. Bochetti ed. Parnaso en América, Universidad Nacional de
Colombia, Colombia (2010) 93-112.
‘Wilamowitz and stratigraphy in 1873: A case study in the history of archaeology’s ‘Great Divide’’ in J.
Nordblach and N. Schlanger eds., Archives, Ancestors, Practices. Archaeology in the Light of its History,
Berghahn Books, Oxford and New York (2008) 75-88.
‘A.S. Mazzocchi and Neapolitan antiquarianism’ in G. Ceserani and A. Milanese eds., Antiquarianism,
Museums and Cultural Heritage: collecting and its contexts in eighteenth-century Naples, special issue of
the Journal of the History of Collections 19:2 (2007) 249-59.
‘Narrative, plagiarism and interpretation in Mr. William Robertson’s 1778 History of Ancient Greece’ in
Journal of the History of Ideas 66:3 (2005) 413-436.
‘The charm of the Siren: the place of Sicily in historiography’ in C. Smith and J. Serrati eds., Ancient
Sicily from Aeneas to Cicero, Edinburgh University Press (2000) 174-193.
‘Processi e modelli: l’archeologia di Colin Renfrew’ in Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
II:2 (1997) [2000] 363-410.
Responses and Notes
‘Sicily’, ‘Magna Graecia’ and ‘Paestum’ in A. Grafton, G. Most and S. Settis eds., The Companion to the
Classical Tradition, Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press (2010).
Comment on J. Schnapp’s ‘Titus Livy and the Corporativist City’ in Archaeologies of the Modern, special
issue of Modernism/Modernity 11:1 (2004) 105-108.
Comment on R. Bernbeck’s ‘The exhibition of architecture and the architecture of an exhibition’ in
Archaeological Dialogues 7:2 (2000) 126-129.
‘Notice sur la mise en place du réseau Area en France et avancement des recherches’ in Nouvelles de
l’Inha 3-4 (2000) 15-16.
Review of P. Ceccarelli, Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker e l'Antiquaria Napoletana. Carteggi GervasioWelcker
e Minervini-Welcker, San Severo, 2006, forthcoming for Bryn Mawr Classical Review.
Review of L. Polverini, Aspetti della storiografia di Ettore Pais, Naples, 2002 in Journal of Roman Studies
95 (2005) 245-247.
Review of A. De Jorio, Gesture in Naples and Gesture in Classical Antiquity. A Translation of La mimica
degli antichi investigata nel gestire napoletano with introduction and notes by Adam Kendon. First
published in 2000, Bloomington, Indiana, 2002 in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2003.03.34
Review of M. Becker and P. Betancourt, Richard Berry Seager. Pioneer Archaeologist and Proper
Gentleman, Philadelphia, 1997 in Journal of Hellenic Studies 122 (2002) 200-201.
Review of P. Ayres, Classical Culture and the Idea of Rome in Eighteenth-century England, Cambridge,
1997 in Classical Review 50 (2000) 252-254."
from https://classics.stanford.edu/sites/default/files/cv_ceserani.pdf on 7-6-17.

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