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Name Adriaan Lanni
Position Professor of Law
Institutional Affiliation Harvard Law School
Latitude 42.3778747
Longitude -71.1186639
Research Interests

Criminal Law, Criminal Adjudication, and the Criminal Justice Workshop, as well as a variety of legal history courses on ancient Greek and Roman law.

Department Affiliation grc; sh85075234;
Websites https://scholar.harvard.edu/alanni


Law and Order in Ancient Athens (Cambridge University Press, 2016).

Law and Justice in the Courts of Classical Athens, Cambridge University Press (2006, paperback edition 2008).

Symposion 2013: Papers on Greek and Hellenistic Legal History (OAW 2014) (co-edited with Michael Gargarin).

A Global History of Crime: Volume 1, Antiquity (Bloomsbury Press, forthcoming) (editor)

"The Role of the Complaint (graphe/enklema) in the Athenian Legal System," Symposion 2017 (forthcoming).

"Collective Sanctions in Classical Athens" in Dennis Kehoe & Thomas McGinn, eds., Ancient Law, Ancient Society (University of Michigan Press, forthcoming). ABSTRACT

"From Anthropology to Sociology: New Directions in Ancient Greek Law Research" in Paula Perlman, ed., Greek Law in the Twenty-First Century (University of Texas Press, forthcoming). ABSTRACT

"Disqualified Olympians: The Skeptical Greek View of Divine Judges," in Ari Mermelstein & Shalom Holtz, ed., The Divine Courtroom in Comparative Perspective (Brill 2014) 128-144 (co-authored with Victor Bers). ABSTRACT

"Public and Private in Classical Athenian Enforcement" in Clifford Ando & Jörg Rüpke, eds., Public and Private in Ancient Mediterranean Law and Religion 37-52 (DeGruyter 2015) ABSTRACT

"The Need for Comparative Law in the Search for Greek Legal Unity: A Response to Phillips" in Michael Gagarin & Adriaan Lanni, eds., Symposion 2013: Papers on Greek and Hellenistic Legal History 99-103 (OAW 2014).

"Precautionary Constitutionalism in the Ancient World," 34 Cardozo Law Review 893 (2013) (co-authored with Adrian Vermeule).

“Social Sanctions in Classical Athens” in B. Legras, ed., Symposion 2011: Vorträge zur griecheschen und hellenistischen Rechtgeschichte 99 (OAW 2013). ABSTRACT

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