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Name Amelia Brown
Position Senior lecturer, Senior Research Fellow
Institutional Affiliation University of Queensland
Latitude -27.49709
Longitude 153.013343
Research Interests

Greek Religion and Identity, Maritime History

Websites https://hapi.uq.edu.au/profile/333/amelia-brown; http://uq.academia.edu/ABrown


McWilliam, Janette, Donaldson, James, Brown, Amelia, Christou, Sandra and Powell, Judith Cyprus: An Island and a People. St Lucia, QLD, Australia: RD Milns Antiquities Museum, The University of Queensland, 2015.
Book Chapters

Brown, Amelia R. (2016). Crosses, Noses, walls, and wells: Christianity and the fate of sculpture in late antique Corinth. In Troels Myrup Kristensen and Lea Stirling (Ed.), The afterlife of Greek and Roman sculpture: late antique responses and practices (pp. 150-176) Ann Arbor, MI, United States: University of Michigan Press.
Brown, Amelia (2016). Corinth. In R. R. R. Smith and Bryan Ward-Perkins (Ed.), The last statues of antiquity (pp. 174-189) Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.
Brown, Amelia R. (2013). Remembering Thermopylae and the Persian Wars in Antiquity. In Christopher A. Matthew and Matthew Trundle (Ed.), Beyond the Gates of Fire: New Perspectives on the Battle of Thermopylae (pp. 100-116) Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK: Pen & Sword Military.
Brown, Amelia R. (2013). Psalmody and Socrates: female literacy in the Byzantine Empire. In Bronwen Neil and Lynda Garland (Ed.), Questions of Gender in Byzantine Society (pp. 57-76) Farnham, Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishing.
Brown, Amelia R. (2012). Performance and reception of Greek tragedy in the early medieval Mediterranean. In Stephanie L. Hathaway and David W. Kim (Ed.), Intercultural transmission in the medieval Mediterranean (pp. 146-162) London, United Kingdom: Bloomsbury Academic.
Robertson Brown, Amelia (2011). Banditry or catastrophe?: History, archaeology, and barbarian raids on Roman Greece. In Ralph W. Mathisen and Danuta R. Shanzer (Ed.), Romans, barbarians, and the transformation of the Roman world : cultural interaction and the creation of identity in late antiquity (pp. 79-96) Farnham, England ; Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing.
Brown, Amelia (2010). Justinian, Procopius, and deception: Literary lies, imperial politics, and the archaeology of sixth-century Greece. In Andrew J. Turner, James H. Kim On Chong-Gossard and Frederik Juliaan Vervaet. (Ed.), Private and public lies: The discourse of despotism and deceit in the Graeco-Roman world (pp. 355-369) Leiden, Netherlands: Brill.
Brown, Amelia Robertson (2006). Heritage, Christian, Challenge, and also Panhellenic Sanctuaries, and, in Late Antiquity. In H. A. Drake, Emily Albu and Jacob Latham (Ed.), Violence in Late Antiquity: Perceptions & Practices (pp. 309-320) Aldershot, England ; Burlington, VT: Ashgate.
Journal Articles

Brown, Amelia Robertson (2016) Review of 'Shipsheds of the Ancient Mediterranean' by Blackman (D.), Rankov (B.). The Classical Review, 66 1: 169-171. doi:10.1017/S0009840X15001729
Brown, Amelia Robertson (2012) Medieval pilgrimage to Corinth and Southern Greece. HEROM: Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture, 1 197-223.
Brown, Amelia (2012) Bread, wine and crucifiction: crime and punishment in Diocletian's edict on maximum prices. Nova, November 13-14.
Brown, Amelia (2012) Seafaring saviour goddess of the ancient Mediterranean. Nova, April 13-16.
Brown, Amelia R. (2012) Last Men Standing: Chlamydatus Portraits and Public Life in Late Antique Corinth. Hesperia, 81 1: 141-176. doi:10.2972/hesperia.81.1.0141
Brown, Amelia Robertson (2010) Islands in a sea of change? Continuity and abandonment in Dark Age Corinth and Thessaloniki. International Journal of Historical Archaeology, 14 2: 230-240. doi:10.1007/s10761-010-0103-0" from https://hapi.uq.edu.au/profile/333/amelia-brown on 6-13-17.

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