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Name Josine Blok
Position Affiliate Researcher
Institutional Affiliation Utrecht University
Latitude 52.089876
Longitude 5.122805
Research Interests

political, religious and social history of ancient Greece
Citizenship in Archaic and Classical Greece

Websites https://www.uu.nl/staff/JHBlok/0?t=0

Key publications
Blok, J.H. (10.03.2017). Citizenship in classical Athens. (325 p.). Cambridge: Cambridge UP.
Blok, J.H. & Krul, Julia (2017). Debt and its aftermath - The Near Eastern background to Solon's seisachtheia . Hesperia, 86 (4), (pp. 607-43) (37 p.).
Blok, J.H. (2015). The diôbelia - On the political economy of an Athenian state fund. Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 193, (pp. 87-102) (15 p.).
Blok, Josine (2014). A ‘Covenant’ between gods and men - hiera kai hosia and the Greek polis. In Claudia Rapp & H.A. Drake (Eds.), The City in the Classical and Post-Classical World - Changing Contexts of Power and Identity (pp. 14-37) (14 p.). New York: Cambridge UP.
Blok, Josine (2014). The priestess of Athena Nike - a new reading of IG I3 35 and 36. Kernos, 27, (pp. 99-126) (27 p.).

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