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Name Liv Mariah Yarrow
Position Professor
Institutional Affiliation Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Latitude 40.6314406
Longitude -73.9544488
Research Interests

Numismatics, Historiography, Late Republic, symbols and discourses of power


Books and Publications

""How to Read a Diodorus Fragment."" Diodorus. Eds. L. Hau, A. Meeus and B. Sheridan. Peeters, Leuven. (Books and Publications: Forthcoming Publications) 2016

""Ulysses' Return and Portrayals of Fides on Republican Coins."" Fides. Eds. M. Amandry, G. Bransbourg and P. Van Alfen. American Numismatic Society. (Books and Publications: Chapter) 2015

""Heracles, Coinage, and the West: Three Hellenistic Case-Studies."" The Hellenistic West. Eds. J. Quinn and J. Prag. Cambridge University Press. (Books and Publications: Chapter) 2013

""Decem Legati: A Flexible Institution, Rigidly Perceived."" Imperialism, Cultural Politics, and Polybius. Eds. C. Smith and L. Yarrow. Oxford University Press. (Books and Publications: Chapter) 2012

Yarrow, Liv and C. Smith. Polybius, Imperialism, and Cultural Politics: Studies in the History and Historiography of the Later Hellenistic Period. (Books and Publications: Edited Book) 2012

""Antonine Coinage."" Oxford Handbook to Greco-Roman Coinage. Ed. B. Metcalf. Oxford University Press. (This is a double chapter treating for the first time imperial and provincial coinage in a holistic manner.) (Books and Publications: Chapter) 2011

""Focalized Universality: Contextualizing the Genre."" Historiae Mundi: Studies in Universal Historiography. Eds. P. Liddell and A. Fear. Duckworth. (Books and Publications: Chapter) 2010

""The Roman Republic to c. 49 BC."" ANS-CUP Series Guides to Coinage of the Ancient World. Series ed. A. Meadow. (Books and Publications: Forthcoming Publications) 2010

""Prestwood B Hoard (Buckinghamshire)."" Coin Hoards of Roman Britain 12. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2009

""Lucius Mummius and the Spoils of Corinth."" Scripta Classica Israelica. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2006

Historiography at the End of the Republic: Provincial Perspectives on Roman Rule. Oxford University Press. (Books and Publications: Book) 2006"

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