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Name Virginia Campbell
Position Independent Scholar
Research Interests

Pompeii, epigraphy and graffiti, literacy, tombs, Roman history, archaeology, Roman art & architecture, politics & elections.

Websites https://independent.academia.edu/VirginiaCampbell4

Pocket Museum: Ancient Rome
The Tombs of Pompeii: Organisation, Space and Society

CIL X 8351 and 8352: New Readings
Menedemerumenus: tracing the routes of Pompeian graffiti writers
Politicians and Priestesses: Networks of Elite Families in Pompeii
The Calventii of Pompeii: Deconstructing Problematic Evidence
The Epitaph of Aulus Umbricius Scaurus (CIL X 1024): A Reconsideration
Lucius Caltilius Pamphilus and his wife Servilia reunited (CIL X 1021 + X 1046)
What the Pompeians saw: Representations of document types in graffiti drawings and their value for linguistic research
Stopping to Smell the Roses: Garden Tombs in Roman Italy

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