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Name Averil Cameron
Position Emerita Professor
Institutional Affiliation Oxford University
Latitude 51.7566
Longitude -1.2547
Research Interests

Byzantine, late antique history, economic history

Websites http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/averilcameron.html; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Averil_Cameron

"Selected Publications:

'Christian conversion in late antiquity - some issues', in Mellon-Sawyer vol. , N. McLynn, D. Schwartz and A. Papaconstantinou (eds.), (Oxford University Press In press).
'Culture wars: late antiquity and literature', Mélanges Carrié, Bibliothèque de l'Antiquité Tardive, Christel Freu and Sylvain Janniard (eds.), (In press).
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'The discourses of Gillian Clark', in Being Christian in Late Antiquity: A Festschrift for Gillian Clark, C. Harrison, I. Sandwell and C. Humfress (eds.), (In press).
Dialog und Streitgespräch in der Spätantike, (Franz Steiner Verlag, Munich In press), Notes: In German.
Byzantine Matters, (Princeton University Press 2014).
Dialoguing in Late Antiquity, (Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC 2014).
'Can Christians do dialogue?', Studia Patristica, (Leuven: Peeters 2013), 103-120.
'Il potere di Costantino. Dimensioni e limiti del potere imperiale', in Enciclopedia Costantiniana sulla figura e l’immagine dell’imperatore del cosidetto Editto di Milano 313-2013, Costantino I. (ed.), ((Rome: Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, fondata da Giovanni Treccani) 2013), 105-115.
Late Antiquity on the Eve of Islam, The Formation of Classical Islam 1, A. Cameron (ed.), (Farnham: Ashgate 2013).
'Mount Athos and the Byzantine world', in Mount Athos: Microcosm of the Christian East, G. Speake and K. Ware (eds.), (Bern: Peter Lang 2012), 11-28.
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'Thinking with Byzantium', Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, (2011), 39-57.
'Thoughts on the Introduction to The Conflict between Paganism and Christianity in the Fourth Century, in Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire: The Breaking of a Dialogue (IVth-VIth Century A.D.), Proceedings of the International Conference at the Monastery of Bose (October 2008), P. Brown and R.L. Testa (eds.), (Münster: Lit Verlag 2011), 39-54.
Doctrine and Debate in the East Christian World, 300-1500, A. Cameron and R. Hoyland (eds.), (The Worlds of Eastern Christianity 300-1500, R. Hoyland and A. Papaconstantinou (Eds.), Farnham: Ashgate 2011).
The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity, AD 395-700, Routledge History of Classical Civilization, 2nd revised and expanded edition, (London: Routledge 2011).
Introduction: 'The Mother of God in Byzantium: relics, icons, texts', in The Cult of the Mother of God in Byzantium: Texts and Images, L. Brubaker and M. Cunningham (eds.), (Farnham: Ashgate 2011), 1-5.
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Studia Patristica, J. Baun, A. Cameron, M. Edwards and M. Vinzent (eds.), (Leuven 2010).
'Roman studies in sixth-century Constantinople', in Transformations of Late Antiquity. Essays for Peter Brown, P. Rousseau and M. Papoutsakis (eds.), (Farnham: Ashgate 2009), 15-36.
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'Byzantium and the limits of Orthodoxy', Raleigh Lecture in History, (Proceedings of the British Academy 154 2008), 139-52.
'The absence of Byzantium', Nea Hestia, (2008), 4-59, Notes: English and Greek.
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'The Jews in Seventh Century Palestine', (Scripta Classica Israelica 1994), 75-93."
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