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Name Stephanie Larson
Position Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Institutional Affiliation Bucknell University
Latitude 40.954752
Longitude -76.883959
Research Interests

ancient and Byzantine Greek Thebes, ancient and Byzantine Boiotia, ancient Greek ethnicities and identities, Sappho, Herodotus, women's lives in the ancient world, epic

Websites https://bucknell.academia.edu/StephanieLarson

Select Publications

2017. Meddling Wth Myth in Thebes A New Vase from the Ismenion Hill: Thebes Museum 49276.

2015. Geophysical Explorations on and near the Ismenion Hill, ebes, Greece. With Emily Bitely, Kevin Daly, and Rob Jacob.

2014. Boeotia, Athens, the Peisistratids, and the Odyssey's Catalogue of Heroines.

2010. τεθνακην δ' αδoλως θελω: Reading Sappho's 'Confession' (fr. 94) through Penelope.

2007. Tales of Epic Ancestry: Boiotian Collective Identity in the Late Archaic and Early Classical Periods. Historia Einzelschriften 197.

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