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Name Lea Beness
Position Associate Professor
Institutional Affiliation Macquarie University
Latitude -33.773048
Longitude 151.112167
Research Interests

Politics of the Late Roman Republic

Websites https://researchers.mq.edu.au/en/persons/lea-beness

Selected Publications
The Tribunate from Saturninus to Sulla: 103-88 B.C. (Turnhout, Belgium, Brepols Publishers) Studia Antiqua Australiensiaseries (forthcoming)
Book Chapters
Postclassical Effects on Classical Shoreline Sites: 'The "Harbor" at Torone?', in S. Swiny, R.L. Hohlfelder and H.W. Swiny (eds), Res Maritimae. Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean from Prehistory to Late Antiquity. Proceedings of the Second International Symposium "Cities on the Sea" Nicosia, Cyprus, October 18-22, 1994 American Schools of Oriental Research. Archaeological Reports 4 (ed. L.G. Herr) Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute Monograph Series 1 (Atlanta, Georgia, Scholars Press, 1997), 142-151 (with T.W. Hillard)
'Choosing friends, foes and fiefdoms in the second century BC', in D. Hoyos (ed.), A Companion to Roman Imperialism (Leiden and Boston, Brill, 2013) 127-140 (with T.W. Hillard)
'Where to put the Twins? Torone's Dioskoureion', in Elizabeth Minchin and Heather Jackson (eds), Text and the Material World: Essays in Honour of Graeme Clarke, Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology PB 185 (Uppsala, Astrom Editions Ltd, 2017) 41-54 (chapter 4) (with T.W. Hillard)
'Rei militaris virtus ... orbem terrarum parere huic imperio coëgit: the transformation of Roman imperium, 146-50 BC', in D. Hoyos (ed.), A Companion to Roman Imperialism (Leiden and Boston, Brill, 2013) 141-153 (with T.W. Hillard)
'133 BC', in V. Arena and J.W. Prag (eds), A Companion to the Political Culture of the Roman Republic (Wiley-Blackwell: Chichester, West Sussex, UK; Malden, MA, 2016) (with T.W. Hillard) (forthcoming)
Tribunician Agitation and Aristocratic Reaction, 80-71 BC', Athenaeum. Studi di Letteratura e Storia dell'Antichità 65 (1987), 361-378 (with B. Marshall)
'The Tongues of the Common Mouth? Tribunician Activity from Saturninus to Sulla (103-88 B.C.)', Classicum 16 (1990), 18-22
'The Death of Lucius Equitius on December 10th, 100 BC', Classical Quarterly ns 40 (1990), 269-272 (with T.W. Hillard)
'The Urban Unpopularity of Lucius Appuleius Saturninus', Antichthon 25 (1991), 1-30
'Sulpicius (tr. pl. 88 B.C.) and the Pompeii ', Electronic Antiquity 1.3 (1993) (6 pages)
'The Underwater Survey of Torone: A Preliminary Report of the 1993 Season', Mediterranean Archaeology 8 (1995), 89-100; Plate 9 (with C. Samiou et al. )
'When the Punishment Rivals the Crime: The Sack Treatment and the Execution of C. Villius', Ancient History: Resources for Teachers 28.2 (1998), 95-112
'The Punishment of the Gracchani and the Execution of C. Villius in 133/132', Antichthon 34 (2000), 1-17
'Romans in Upper Egypt in 116 B.C.', The Bulletin of the Australian Centre for Egyptology 12 (2001), 25-33 (with T.W. Hillard)
'The Theatricality of the Deaths of C. Gracchus and friends', Classical Quarterly 51.1 (2001), 135-140 (with T.W. Hillard)
'The First Romans at Philae (CIL 1 2 .2.2937a)', ZPE 144 (2003), 203-207 (with T.W. Hillard)
'Ancient History, archaeology and classical studies', in M. Spongberg, B. Caine and A. Curthoys (eds), Companion to Women's Historical Writing (Houndmills, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005), 5-15 (with T.W. Hillard)
'Scipio Aemilianus and the Crisis of 129 B.C.', Historia: Zeitschrift für alte Geschichte 54.1 (2005), 37-48
'Carbo's Tribunate of 129 and the Associated Dicta Scipionis ', Phoenix 63 (2009), 60-72
'The Harbour of Torone and its Disappearance', Australian Archaeological Fieldwork Abroad I (a special issue of AH:RfT37.1 2007 [2009]), 84-93 (with R. Dunn and T.W. Hillard)
'The Coastal Topography of Ancient Torone', Mediterranean Archaeology 22/23 (2009/10), 69-84 (with R. Dunn, A. Sprent and T.W. Hillard)
'Torone, Trade and the Sea: Towards a History of the Harbour', Mediterranean Archaeology 22/23 (2009/10), 85-97 (with T.W. Hillard)
'Another Voice against the 'Tyranny' of Scipio Aemilianus in 129 B.C.?', Historia: Zeitschrift für alte Geschichte 61.3 (2012), 270-281 (with T.W. Hillard)
'Late antique memories of Republican political polemic: Pseudoacron ad Hor. serm. 2.167 and a dictum Macedonici', Classical Quarterly 62.2 (2012), 816-826 (with T.W. Hillard)
'Insulting Cornelia', Antichthon. Special Issue: Culture, Identity and Politics in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Papers from a Conference in Honour of Erich Gruen 47 (2013), 61-79 (with T.W. Hillard)
'The Ancestry of Nerva', Classical Quarterly 65.2 (2015), 756-765 (with T.W. Hillard)
'Wronging Sempronia', Antichthon 50 (2016) [2017] 80-106 (with T.W. Hillard)

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