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Name Amelia Dowler
Position Curator
Institutional Affiliation The British Museum
Latitude 51.5194
Longitude 0.1270
Research Interests

Numismatics, Ancient Economics, Hellenistic Asia Minor, Aksum

Websites http://www.britishmuseum.org/about_us/departments/staff/coins_and_medals/amelia_dowler.aspx

Recent publications
Amelia Dowler (forthcoming) ‘The Interaction of Aksumite and Roman Gold Coins in South Arabia in the 6th Century AD’ Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society

Amelia Dowler (2017) ‘Appendix: Coins from the British Salonika Force Expedition’ in eds. Andrew Shapland and Evangelia Stefani Archaeology Behind the Battle Lines: The Macedonian Campaign (1915-1919) and its Legacy pp. 104-120 (British School at Athens – Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies IV; Routledge)

Amelia Dowler (2017) ‘Money from the Bank’ British Museum Magazine Issue 88 Autumn 2017 pp. 52-53

AJ Dowler (2014) ‘The Coins’ in ed. ER O’Connell Catalogue of British Museum objects from the Egypt Exploration Fund’s 1913/14 excavation at Antinoupolis (Antinoë) in ed. R Pintaudi Antinoupolis II (Firenze University Press)

Richard Abdy and Amelia Dowler, Coins and the Bible, (Spink, 2013)

Amelia Dowler (2013) ‘The John Morcom Collection of Western Greek Bronze Coins’ Money and Medals Newsletter 58 (April 2013) pp.1-2

Amelia Dowler (2011) ‘Expenses of Daily Life’ British Museum Magazine Autumn 2011 pp. 28-29

Ed. AJ Dowler & ER Galvin, Money, Trade and Trade Routes in pre-Islamic North Africa (British Museum Press, 2011)

Amelia Dowler and Ian Leins (2008) ‘Unrivalled Resource: the Hersh Legacy’ British Museum Magazine Autumn 2008 p. 59

A. Dowler, ‘Review of SNG Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle upon Tyne ed. A Meadows and R Williams’ Journal of Hellenic Studies 127 (2007)

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