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Name Emily Cain
Position Assistant Professor
Institutional Affiliation Loyola University Chicago
Latitude 42.001566
Longitude -87.657180
Research Interests

Late Antiquity, Early Christianity

Websites https://luc.academia.edu/EmilyCain

“Medically Modified Eyes: A Baptismal Cataract Surgery in Clement of Alexandria.” Journal of Late
Antiquity. Submitted.
“Tertullian’s Panoptic Performance: The Spectrum of Visual Power.” Journal of Early Christian Studies.
“Form and Function: The Role of Biography in Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Moses” in Steyn, G.J. and
Human, D. (eds.), Portraits of Moses. Library of Biblical Studies Series. London/New York: T&T Clark,
“Knowledge Seeking Wisdom: A Pedagogical Pattern for Augustine’s De trinitate” in Studia Patristica
LXX, Vol. 18, ed. Markus Vinzent et al (Leuven: Peeters, 2010), 257-264.
“St. Augustine: Maintaining the Unity of the Church Through the Acceptance of St. Perpetua” in
Proceedings of the Arkansas Undergraduate Research Conference (Arkadelphia, Henderson State University,

Invited essay: “Tertullian’s Theological Imagination” in Christianity in North Africa: Essays in Memory of
Maureen A. Tilley. ed. Elizabeth A. Clark and Zachary B. Smith (New York, Fordham University Press,
Preparing Book Proposal for University of California Press: Material and Metaphorical Vision: Seeing the Divine
in Late Antiquity (Revision of dissertation).

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