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Name Alyson Roy
Position Assistant Professor
Institutional Affiliation University of Idaho
Latitude 46.728890
Longitude -117.012223
Research Interests

My work focuses generally on the Roman Republic, Roman military history, and numismatics. I am working on my first book project, drawn from my dissertation, in which I trace a series of developments within Roman material culture that I argue are rooted in the triumph. In particular, I explore the circulation of plundered objects and purchased art symbolically linked to the triumph into and around the city of Rome through first the triumphal parade and then through display in public spaces and in private homes. I then trace the dissemination of triumphal imagery in the form of trophies, inscriptions, and coins into the provinces as part of a material expression of Roman power and as an ongoing part of the processes of conquest.

Websites http://uidaho.academia.edu/AlysonRoy

Review of Vincent Azoulay, trans. Janet Lloyd, Pericles of Athens, Princeton University Press, 2014. H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences. http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showpdf.php?id=47689
“Images of Triumph: Coins and Conquest Ideology in Roman Iberia, 211-55 BCE,” in Cultural Memory in Republican and Augustan Rome (ed. Dinter and Guerin), currently under review with Cambridge University Press.
“Private Luxuries, Public Extravagance: The Transformation of Plundered Objects from Triumphal Plunder to Cultural Currency,” in International Ancient Warfare Conference Proceedings 2017. Forthcoming.

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