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Name Abigail Dowling
Position Associate Professor
Institutional Affiliation Mercer University
Latitude 32.829900
Longitude -83.649670
Research Interests

Environmental History, Landscape History, History of healthscaping, disease, Black Death, gender, History pedagogy, Garden and landscape history, natural resource management, archaeology, Medieval Europe, Late Antiquity, digital history

Websites https://liberalarts.mercer.edu/faculty-and-staff/abigail-dowling/

“Landscape of Luxury: Mahaut d’Artois' (1302-1329) Management and Use of the
Park at Hesdin” in Rural Space, collected essays edited by Profs. Albrecht Classen
and Christopher Classon (de Gruyter, 2012): 367-387.

Ellen A. Arnold, Negotiating the Landscape: Environment and Monastic Identity in the
Medieval Ardennes (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013) for Agricultural History
(forthcoming 2014).

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