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Name Jacquelyn Clements
Position Adjunct Instructor
Institutional Affiliation Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests

Greek and Roman archaeology and history; antiquities provenance research; digital art history and linked open data

Websites http://www.jacquelynclements.com


Clements, Jacquelyn. 2017. “Weaving the Chalkeia: Reconstruction and Ritual of an Athenian Festival,” in Textiles and Cult in the Ancient Mediterranean, edited by Cecilie Brøns and Marie-Louise Nosch, 36-48. Oxbow Books. (nb: this paper cannot be posted on the web until October 2020; however, I am more than happy to provide a pdf copy of it by emailing me here).

Clements, Jacquelyn. 2016. “The Terrain of Autochthony: Shaping the Athenian Landscape in the Late Fifth Century B.C.E.” In The Routledge Handbook to Identity and the Environment in the Classical and Medieval Worlds, edited by R.F. Kennedy and M. Jones-Lewis, 315-340. Routledge.

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