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Name Arden Williams
Position Sessional Lecturer
Institutional Affiliation University of British Columbia
Latitude 49.260892
Longitude -123.246552
Research Interests

• Greek social history; Late-Classical & Early Hellenistic Athens

• Women in the public & private world of Athens

• Greek epigraphy

• Economics of Cult; the leasing of sacred land in the Greek city-state

Department Affiliation Vancouver
Websites https://cnrs.ubc.ca/people/arden-williams/

“Xenocratia and the Hieron of Cephisus.” In J. Bodel & N. Dimitrova (eds.), Ancient Documents and their Contexts. Brill Series in Greek and Latin Epigraphy, 67-81. Leiden 2014.
“The Leasing of Sacred Land in Fourth-Century Athens: A Reassessment of Six Inscribed Fragments.” Hesperia 80 (2011) 261-286.
“The Law Concerning the Little Panathenaia and the Leasing of the Nea ΚΑΤΑ ΔΙΚΛΗΡΙΑΝ.” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 167 (2008) 33-36.

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