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Name Katherine Clarke
Position Fellow, Associate Professor
Institutional Affiliation St Hilda's College, Oxford
Latitude 51.748581
Longitude -1.2477337
Research Interests

Hellenistic and Roman history

Websites http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/katherineclarke.html

"Selected Publications:

Making Time for the Past: Local History and the Polis, ((Oxford University Press, 2008; paperback edition 2011) 2011).
In preparation: A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: Man and Nature in the Histories of Herodotus, (2011).
'D'une Méditerranée de pirates et de barbares ' une Méditerranée cœur de civilisation: Strabon et la construction d'un concept unifié dans le cadre romain', Rico C (ed.), Pallas: revue d'etudes antiques, Vol: 79, (2009), 295-303.
Making time for the past, (Oxford University Press, USA 2008-06-02).
'Text and Image: Mapping the Roman World', in F.-H. Mutschler and A. Mittag (eds.), Conceiving the Empire: China and Rome Compared , (Oxford University Press, 2008 2008), 195-215.
Text and Image: Mapping the Roman World, in Conceiving the empire: China and Rome Compared, Mittag A (ed.), (Oxford University Press, USA 2008), 195-215.
'Les fragments de Posidonios chez Athénée', in D. Lenfant (ed.), Athénée et les fragments d'historiens. Actes du colloque de Strasbourg 16-18 juin 2005, (De Boccard, Paris, 2007 2007), 291-302.
'Parochial Tales in a Global Empire: Creating and Recreating the World of the Itinerant Historian', in L. Troiani and G. Zecchini (eds.) La Cultura storica nei primi due Secoli dell'Impero romano, (Rome, 2005 2005), 111-28.
'In arto et inglorius labor: Tacitus' anti-history', in A.K. Bowman, H.M. Cotton, M. Goodman and S.R.F. Price (eds.) Representations of Empire. Rome and the Mediterranean World., ((Oxford and The British Academy, 2002) 2002), 83-103.
'An Island Nation: Re-reading Tacitus' Agricola', (Journal of Roman Studies 2001), 94-112.
Between Geography and History: Hellenistic Constructions of the Roman World, (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1999; paperback edition 2001) 2001).
'In Search of the Author of Strabo's Geography', (Journal of Roman Studies 1997), 92-110."
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