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Name Florence Yoon
Position Assistant Professor of Greek Language and Literature
Institutional Affiliation University of British Columbia
Latitude 49.260892
Longitude -123.246552
Research Interests

Mythology, Greek tragedy; silent figures, offstage figures, and the representation of the absent; anonymity and naming; the transformation of traditional mythical figures into unique literary characters

Department Affiliation Vancouver
Websites https://cnrs.ubc.ca/people/florence-yoon/

“Against the Prometheia: rethinking resolution and the ‘connected tetralogy.’” TAPA, 146.2: 257-80. (2016)

“The Herald of Hyllus? Identifying the Ὕλλου πενέστης in Heracleidae.” CQ 65.1: 51-9. (2015)

The Use of Anonymous Characters in Greek Tragedy, Brill (2012)

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