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Name Katerina Panagopoulou
Position Assistant Professor in Ancient History
Institutional Affiliation University of Crete
Latitude 35.3
Longitude 25
Research Interests

Ancient economy, precious metals in antiquity, ancient numismatics, demography, politics and economy of Hellenistic and Roman Macedonia, Social Network Analysis and economic history, social history of the Hellenistic and Roman periods

Websites http://www.history-archaeology.uoc.gr/en/the-department/research-and-teaching-staff/katerina-panagopoulou

Τhe Early Antigonids: Coinage, Money and the Economy (New York 2017: American Numismatic Society Special Series).

Ι. Malkin – C. Constantakopoulou – K. Panagopoulou (eds), Greek and Roman Networks in the Mediterranean (London: Routledge, 2009.

Ι. Malkin – C. Constantakopoulou – K. Panagopoulou (eds), “Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean”, v. 1-2, Μediterranean Historical Review Special Issue (2007).

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