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Name Emily Cole
Position Adjunct Lecturer
Institutional Affiliation NYU Abu Dhabi
Research Interests

Graecoroman Egypt; history of multilingualism; social history

Websites https://nyuad.academia.edu/EmilyCole

2014 “Picking up the Pieces – The Hood-Hearst Papyrus,” Bancroftiana: Newsletter of the Friends of the
Bancroft Library 145: 10-11.
2013 “The Gendered Individual in Funerary Papyri of the Graeco-Roman Period,” Journal of the
American Research Center in Egypt 49: 201-214.
2013 W. Wendrich, E. Cole, R. Cappers, D. Jones and S. Holdaway. “The Fayum Desert as an
Agricultural Landscape: Recent Research Results,” in C. Arlt and M. Stadler (eds.) Das Fayum
in Hellenismus und Kaiserzeit: Fallstudien zu multikulturellum Leben in der Antike. Wiesbaden:
from http://nyu.academia.edu/EmilyCole/CurriculumVitae on 6-21-17.

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