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Name Alison Jeppesen-Wigelsworth (Jeppesen)
Position Interim Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Institutional Affiliation Red Deer College
Latitude 52.2465
Longitude 113.8276
Research Interests

Research Interests
Roman social history
Latin epigraphy
Roman Family
Roman Women
Roman mores and ideals; change over time


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“Political Bedfellows: Tullia, Dolabella and Caelius.” Arethusa 46.1 (Winter 2013): 65-85.
“Amici and Coniuges in Cicero’s Letters: Atticus and Terentia.” Latomus: Revue d’Études Latines 72 (2013): 350-365.
“A Re-Assessment of Monastic Organisation.” In Studia Patristica Volume XLI: Papers Presented at the Fourteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies at Oxford. Edited by F. Young, M. Edwards, and P. Parvis. Peeters Publishers, 2006. Pages 385-392.

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