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Name Hannah Cornwell
Position Lecturer
Institutional Affiliation University of Birmingham
Latitude 52.450946
Longitude -1.929281
Research Interests

Roman imperialism, Roman Social and Political History; Diplomacy and Space in the Roman world, Latin epigraphy

Websites http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/staff/profiles/caha/cornwell-hannah.aspx; http://bham.academia.edu/HannahCornwell


Pax and the Politics of Peace: Republic to Principate. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2017).
Pre-reviewed journal articles:

‘The King who would be Prefect: Authority and Identity in the Cottian Alps’, Journal of Roman Studies 105, 41-72 (2015).
Edited Volumes:

‘Routes of Resistance to Integration: Alpine Reactions to Roman Power’ in R. Varga and V. Rusu-Bolindeț (eds.) Official Power and Local Elites in the Roman Provinces, London: Routledge (2017), ch. 4.
‘Negotiating ideas of peace in the civil conflicts of the late Republic’ in E. P. Moloney and M. S. Williams (eds.) Peace and Reconciliation in the Classical World, London: Routledge (2017), ch. 6.
‘The Role of The Role of the Peace-Makers (caduceatores) in Roman attitudes to War and Peace’, in G. Lee, H. Whittaker and G. Wrightson (eds.) Ancient Warfare: Introducing Current Research, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2015), 331-348.
Co-authored papers

H. Cornwell and J. Masséglia, ‘Signs, Symbols and Spaces in the Ashmolean Latin Collection’, in A. E. Felle and A. Rocco (eds.) Epigraphy and the Borders: Proceedings of the VI EAGLE International Meeting (24-25 September 2015, Bari, Italy), Oxford, Archaeopress Publishing (2016), 131-140.

Review of Akar, Philippe, Concordia: un ideal de la classe dirigeante romaine à la fin de la République, BCMR 2014.09.09.
Papers in Press

‘Constructing one’s enemies in civil war’ in R. Westall (ed.) The Roman Civil Wars of 49-30 BCE: History and its Representations, under review with Hermathena (forthcoming).
Pod and Vod-casts

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