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Name Josephine Crawley Quinn
Position Professor
Institutional Affiliation Faculty of Classics & Worcester College, Oxford
Latitude 51.7549008
Longitude -1.2654489
Research Interests

Phoenician, Hellenistic and Roman History and Archaeology; North Africa; Gender Studies.

Websites https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephine_Crawley_Quinn

Selected Publications:

'Echos puniques: langue, culte, et gouvernement en Numidie hellénistique', in Massinissa, au cœur de la consécration d’un premier Etat numide, D. Badi (ed.), (2015), 167-198 (with Matthew McCarty).
Rome, Polybius and the East (the collected papers of Peter Derow), (Oxford University Press 2015), Notes: edited with Andrew Erskine.
'A Carthaginian Perspective on the Altars of the Philaeni', in The Punic Mediterranean: identities and identification from Phoenician settlement to Roman rule, J. C. Quinn and N. C. Vella (eds.), (2014), 169-179.
'Augustine’s Canaanites', Papers of the British School at Rome 82, (2014), 175-197, Notes: with Neil McLynn, Robert Kerr and Daniel Hadas).
The Punic Mediterranean: identities and identification from Phoenician settlement to Roman rule, (2014), Notes: edited with Nicholas Vella.
'Capitolia', Journal of Roman Studies, Vol: 103, (2013), 117-173 (with Andrew Wilson).
'Imagining the Imperial Mediterranean', in Polybius and his World:essays in memory of F.W.Walbank, B. Gibson and T. Harrison (eds.), (2013), 337-352.
'Monumental Power: 'Numidian Royal Architecture' in Context', in The Hellenistic West, J.R.W. Prag and J.C. Quinn (eds.), (2013), 179-215.
'Phoenician Bones of Contention', Antiquity , Vol: 87, (2013), 1199-1207 (with Paolo Xella, Valentina Melchiorri and Peter van Dommelen).
'Tophets in the “Punic World''', in The ''Tophet'' in the Phoenician Mediterranean (2013= Studi Epigrafici e Linguistici 29-30), P. Xella (ed) (ed.), (2013), 23-48.
The Hellenistic West: rethinking the ancient Mediterranean, J.R.W Prag and J.C. Quinn (eds.), (Cambridge University Press 2013).
'Fenicios ilusorios en el Mediterráneo Central', in La etapa neopúnica en Hispania y el Mediterráneo central occidental: identitades compartidas , B. Mora Serrano and G. Cruz Andreotti (eds.), (2012), 449-457.
''Affection in Education: John Addington Symonds, Edward Carpenter, and the Politics of Greek Love"", in Oxford Review of Education, Co-author: Chris Brooke, (2011), 683-698.
'The Cultures of the Tophet: Identification and Identity in the Phoenician Diaspora', in Cultural Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean, Gruen ES (ed.), (Getty Research Institute 2011).
'The Syrtes between East and West', in Money, Trade and Trade Routes in Pre-Islamic North Africa, A. Dowler and L. Galvin (eds.), (2011), 11-20.
'The Reinvention of Lepcis', in Colonising a colonised territory: Settlements with Punic roots in Roman times. In Meetings between Cultures in the Ancient Mediterranean. Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Rome 22-26 Sept. 2008, A. Jiménez (ed.), (2010), 52-69, Website:
'North Africa', in Blackwell Companion to Ancient History , A. Erskine (ed.), (2009), 260-272.
'Herms, Kouroi and the Political Anatomy of Athens', Greece and Rome , Vol: 54, (2007), 82-105.
'The Role of the Settlement of 146 in the Provincialization of Africa', L'Africa romana , Vol: 15, (2004), 1593-1601.
'Roman Africa?', in ""Romanization""? Digressus, J. Prag and A. Merryweather (eds.), (2003), Notes: Supplement 1, Website: http://www.digressus.org/articles/romanizationpp007-034-crawleyquinn.pdf."
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